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The Latest News From Geckos Etc.

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New Arrivals

I just finished an update to my website. There are a total of 95 new geckos in this update. The new ones include lots of Fat Tail Geckos including Ghost Whiteouts, our first offering of Oreo Whiteouts (see photos below), Whiteouts, Ghosts, Oreos, Het Ghosts, Het...

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New Leopard Geckos

Twenty new Leopard Geckos were added to the available pages today. There are few huge females in this update. This is a female Godzilla Super Giant Snow Tremper Albino. She weighs 118g and is over 10.5 inches long. She is Godzilla's daughter, and came from breeding...

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New Snakes Available

Seventy-two new geckos and snakes were added to the available pages in a number of updates posted over the last few weeks. I have been posting a few each day, and have finished posting all of the new ones. The new ones include Albino, Het Albino, Anaconda, Red,...

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