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New Snakes Available

Seventy-two new geckos and snakes were added to the available pages in a number of updates posted over the last few weeks. I have been posting a few each day, and have finished posting all of the new ones. The new ones include Albino, Het Albino, Anaconda, Red, Purple, and Het Toffeebelly Western Hognose Snakes, Nephrurus vertebralisNephrurus amyae, Zulu Fat Tail Gecko, Ghost Fat Tail Geckos, Normal Fat Tail Geckos, Giant RAPTORs, APTOR, RAPTOR, Godzilla Giants (Godzilla’s children), Godzilla Grandchildren, Snow RAPTOR, Super Giant Albino het Diablo Blanco, Super Giant Blizzard het Diablo Blanco, Super Hypo Tangerines, Snow Bell Albinos, Snow Patternless Rainwater Albinos, Bold Stripe Bell Albinos, Bell Albinos, Eublepharis macularis fasciolatus, and Tremper Albinos.

More new geckos and hognose snakes will be posted soon.

Our breeding season is well underway, and we should be getting our first leopard gecko eggs very soon. Hognose snakes and knobtails are still in cooling, and fat tails will be coming out of cooling very soon.

Here are a few photos to enjoy:

Zulu Fat Tail Gecko posted for sale in this update.
Aberrant Ghost Fat Tail Gecko posted for sale in this update.
One of the nicest Extreme Red Albino Western Hognose Snakes we produced in 2011. We will be keeping this guy to be a future breeder.
Abberant Whiteout Fat Tail Gecko that we hatched recently.