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2022 Testimonials

I have received her and she is beautiful!

C.C., Michigan 8/9/22

Hi, I wanted to let you know she arrived healthy and is exploring her new enclosure. Thank you so much!

N.W., Oregon 8/2/22

Hello! Just wanted to let you know that my hognose arrived this morning! He looks healthy and handsome. Thank you so much!

R.D., Texas 8/2/22
Hi Jessica – just wanted to let you know that she arrived without any problems. She is perfect! I am so in love with

S.B., Mississippi 7/27/22

He arrived in great condition, thanks so much for your professionalism!!

D.R., Montana 7/26/22

Just received the hognose! It looks great! Already exploring the tank and everything. Thank you so much!

R.D., Texas 7/26/22
Hi Jessica, Just wanted to let you know everyone arrived safe and sound this morning! They all look perfect, super alert and friendly, and

S.L., Texas 7/21/22

Fionna got here just fine & she is absolutely beautiful & very well tempered!

C.S., Indiana 7/14/22

All animals you sent are very good conditions and I am very satisfied with your qualities as always!  Thank you very much! Best regards,

J.H., Japan 7/10/22
Hi Jessica! Just wanted to let you know that he arrived this morning in perfect condition! He’s a sweetheart and incredibly outgoing and chill. Thank

S.L., Texas 7/7/22

Great communication. Very responsive. Delivery was on schedule and looks better in person. Very healthy and active.

A.B., Florida 7/1/22

My hognose came in the mail and he is so stunning! Thanks again!

L.F., Florida 6/21/22
Good morning Jessica, I just wanted to let you know our girl arrived on time and in great shape! Thank you so much for

P.S., Texas 6/10/22

Just wanted to let you know that she arrived safely and is truly amazing!!  Thank you so much!

R.O., New Jersey 6/8/22

We received her and she looks wonderful. Thank you Respectfully,  

B.H., Tennessee 6/1/22
Hi Jessica, I received her around 10am and she looks amazing! I have been checking your site everyday for almost a year for these

E.S., Ohio 6/1/22
He arrived safely and appears well. He was eager to come out of the container as soon as I opened it. He was very

M.B., Florida 5/24/22

Fantastic person, excellent and fast customer service!  Shipping was fast and easy and the snake is even more beautiful in person! Very happy!

J.S., California 5/7/22

Hi Geckos ETC, I received the gecko and he is safe and sound. Thanks for the gecko, he looks amazing. Sincerely,

R.K., New York 4/28/22
Hello, I received my female Super Godzilla Mack Snow RAPTOR. She arrived without issue, packaged very well and happy to get out of the

X.S., Florida 4/19/22

Amee is here, and she is alive, beautiful, and SO friendly!! Thank you!

J.R., Wisconsin 4/19/22
Hello, I just wanted to let you know how wonderful Valerie (AXCHF***) is doing and how pleased I am with her. She eats like

K.Q., California 4/1/22

Just wanted to let you know they arrived in great shape and both ate F/T tonight so I am extremely happy. Thank you,

B.L., Texas 3/30/22

Hi Jessica, He has arrived safely and seems perfectly fine.  I love him so much, I named him Chowder!

E.C., Delaware 3/24/22

Just to let you know she is here and she is beautiful. Thank you!!

T.O., Texas 3/24/22
Hi, Just wanted to let you guys know that my little guy arrived perfectly healthy. His heat pack was still warm, not even stressed

C.B, Kentucky 3/18/22
Hello Jessica, Happy to report that the little lady got here safe and sound and in excellent condition!  She has been very actively exploring

L.C., New York 3/16/2022
Good morning! Reaching out to let you guys know she just arrived safe and sound. She looks fantastic. Very inquisitive and alert. So excited

E.F., Iowa 3/16/22
Hi, I just wanted to thank you for your service. The gecko arrived in good health and I am very satisfied. Second purchase with

A.O., Portugal 3/5/22

Hello! Just letting you guys know he came in perfectly healthy and happy! Thank you so much!

D.J., New Mexico 3/3/22
Thank you so much! I just received them as I received your email. All arrived looking amazing! I enjoyed working with you, you guys

N.S., Texas 3/1/22

Got him, he’s very nice !!

B.P., Maryland 2/22/22
I got her and she looks great. Thank you so much for your help and for an overall great experience. I will likely order

J.R., Arizona 2/22/22

We just received her and she’s doing great!! Even more beautiful in person  thank you!

P.M., Florida 2/16/22

Just got him and he looks great! Always love getting animals from you guys!

A.M., California 2/15/22
Wow what a beautiful gecko. She is bigger than the pictures even indicated. She came in perfect condition and looks super healthy. Packaging was

L.S., California 2/9/22

Just letting you know, that he arrived safe and sound! Thank you so much!

A.Z., New Hampshire 2/3/22
I received the package this morning. The box showed up in good condition.  The inside of the package was intact and still warm from

B.L., California 2/2/22
Hi Jessica, I just wanted to let you know that I received the geckos and they seem to be doing well.  Thank you so

J.E., California 1/27/2022
Geckos Etc. has great customer service and so buying from them is a really smooth process. Love my new snake and supporting awesome businesses.

J.C., California 1/23/2022
Hi there, Just letting you know I picked up the two axanthics and they look wonderful. I’m taking them home now and will do

O.R., Virginia 1/25/2022
Hi! Just picked them up at the Hub before they had to go on a truck again and wait to be delivered. They’re beautiful

C.S., Alabama 1/5/22

2021 Testimonials

Hello, She made it safely and appears to be in good health. Thank you!

A.T., Alabama 12/30/21
She is better than I could have hoped! Other than the shipping delays (which I blame UPS for), this was a great experience. I’ll

B.S., New York 12/30/21

I just wanted to say thank you so much for my leopard gecko. It looks amazing. Once again thank you so much.

R.C., California 12/29/2021
Hi I bought Tater Tot back in March 2020, I’m sure that you don’t get this very often but I just wanted to show

L.K., Michigan 12/24/2021
Hello, Our new family addition has arrived safe and sound and is now relaxing in his new home! His new name is Sage. Thank you again

A.A., Connecticut 12/14/2021
Thank you for the little hognose! I am super happy and he is doing great, he even already ate a pinky! I left a

S.B., Utah 12/9/2021
Hi, I just wanted to thank you for your service. The gecko arrived in good health and I am very satisfied. Very professional and

A.O., Lisbon, Portugal 12/14/2021
Hello! The little guy got here safely! He’s great and super curious! Thank you guys so much! You have made me extremely happy! We’ve

S.B., Utah 12/8/2021
Hi Jessica, Just wanted to let you know we received the snake in good condition! She is so sweet and is actively exploring her new

S.R., Arizona 12/7/2021

Geckos arrived safe and sound. Look great. Thank you,

K.C., North Carolina 12/1/2021

Just thought I would let you know that she got here safe and sound! She looks amazing! Thanks again for everything you guys do!

N.B., Tennessee 11/30/2021

Hey, snakes arrived healthy and look beautiful. Thank you so much!

C.N., Virginia 11/30/2021

Just picked her up and she is absolutely stunning! I love her! Thank you so much!

A.L., Oregon 11/30/2021

Sir, thank you so much. I got geckos today and they are perfectly fine. I appreciate your work. I will keep in touch! 🙂

J.L., South Korea 11/19/2021
He arrived a little while ago and is amazing!!!  After an initial look-over, he’s in his new enclosure and super curious, not at all

Good morning, I got my package and they all look great. Thank you very much.  

D.S., California 11/4/2021

Dear Steve, Hello, Thank you for nice shipment. Everything was fine as always . Thank you for nice deal every time!! Best Regards,

E.O., Japan 10/30/2021

Greetings. My lovely gecko arrived safe and sound today. Thanks. She is beautiful.

R.B.,Tennessee 10/5/2021

Hi Jessica, I wanted to let you know that the snakes arrived safely today and they look great! Thank you so much,

T.H., Georgia 9/30/2021

Hi, I have the gecko  He’s really wonderful, thank you so much ! Regards,

S.T., The Netherlands 9/19/202
Dear Mr. Steve, The reptiles are doing very well. The images on your site are beautiful, but the real thing is even more beautiful.

K.K, Japan 9/18/2021

Hi Jessica, Our new guy came home safe and sound, he seems a bit stressed but he is exploring and healthy! Thank you!

C.N., New York 9/17/2021

Thank you so much for the Zulu male he is awesome!

K.K., Illinois 9/4/2021
Hey, Just wanted to let you know that both girls arrived this morning happy and healthy. They are absolutely beautiful and I’m extremely happy

E.H., North Carolina 9/2/2021
He arrived today without trouble and is currently resting in his hides. He’s absolutely gorgeous and has a great temperament so far, thank you

A.B., Arizona 9/1/2021
Thank you so much! I received her this morning safe and sound! I am shocked at how relaxed and calm she is and how

K.F., New York 9/1/2021
Hi Jessica, He is home now resting in his humid hide probably pondering on his life choices. Lol Hopefully he likes his new home.

M.N., Texas 8/27/2021

Hi Steve, Thanks for the great shipment as always. Best Regards,

T.S., Japan 8/20/2021
Hi, She has arrived today, safe and sound. Getting adjusted to her new home and settling in. Thank you so much for sending her safe,

J.M., Pennsylvania 8/18/2021
Thank you. He seems to be doing well! I’ll reach out if I have any questions in the future. Appreciate the smooth shipping experience!

J.F., New York 8/18/2021
Hello. I just wanted to let you know that the cute little guy arrived safely and was happy to eat his crickets a few minutes

T.K., Mississippi 7/28/2021

I received my geckos both in excellent condition. Thanks so much.

E.L., Colorado 7/27/2021
My red anaconda came in and he was in great shape and very friendly coming out of the box. He ate today like a

S.W., Arizona 7/26/2021
She arrived safe and healthy. Thank you so much for all your help! This experience has been amazing and you have been super helpful!

J.P., New Jersey 7/15/2021

Hello, just wanted to let you know he arrived safely. He’s beautiful! He’s very curious and active. Thanks so much,

S.R., Wisconsin 7/7/2021
Yes I received it!  I couldn’t be any happier with my new little gal, thank you guys so much. Look forward to purchasing through

E.H., Texas 6/23/2021

Hello! I have received the geckos and they arrived in good condition.  They are awesome! Thank you.

E.M., California 6/23/2021

Jessica, the snake was just delivered in good shape and he looks very healthy.  Thanks!

M.C., Georgia 6/15/2021
Kendall, Our girl arrived about 20 minutes ago and seems to be doing just great. She’s beautiful, we named her Storm. Thank you for

C.G., Alabama 6/15/2021
  I just received my girls, they are healthy and alert. Both are stunning and appear to have good temperaments. I love them already.

N.F., Florida 6/11/2021

Hello! Both got here very lively and alert. Thank you for the smooth experience.

J.H., Ohio 6/10/2021

Hello, we received our little guy. His human is very happy with him.

B.H., Mississippi 6/9/2021
Just wanted to email you for the last time just to let you know I received him healthy and well. Thank you so much

J.W., Canada 6/9/2021
Good morning Kendall, First thank you for your help this week, as always a phenomenal job!! My new guy got here and looks AMAZING!!!

W.J., South Carolina 6/9/2021

She arrived this morning looking healthy and happy and very much alive. Thanks,

E.S., California 6/8/2021

I got my delivery, they look nicer in person than the pictures. Thank you.

D.S., California 6/8/2021

Arrived an hour ago and is settling in. Thank you so much he is awesome! 🙂

P.C., Florida 6/8/2021
Hey I just wanted to let y’all know that he arrived around 10am yesterday morning & he looks great! Thank you guys so much

A.R., Oklahoma 6/4/2021

Hi Kendall, she’s here! Thank you so much she’s stunning! Best birthday arrival ever 

M.E., New York 6/3/2021
She arrived happy and healthy! Thank you again for all your help! You guys have some of the best customer service I have seen!

N.B., Tennessee 6/3/2021

Both snakes came in on time, and doing great, thank you guys again so much.

R.A., Texas 5/27/2021
Just wanted to let y’all know the geckos arrived safely, very late in the day but I am extremely happy with them. They are

B.L., Texas 5/27/2021
Received my snake today and I just wanted to say thank you!! I have bought many snakes over the years from many breeders and

J.S., South Dakota 5/25/2021
Dear Jessica, He arrived alive and well. Very beautiful axanthic.  Almost looks like he has a blue hue to him. Can’t wait for when

S.M., New York 5/25/2021
He made it here safe and sound!!!  That was some awesome packaging and very quick shipping! Thank you guys so very much for this amazing

P.J., Colorado 5/25/2021

Y’all are awesome! The animals I have purchased from you are all super healthy and doing great!

S.B., Louisiana 5/20/2021

Hello! She just arrived! Healthy, curious and doing great! Thanks so much for a great first experience.. and for my little Ginny 

S.S., New York 5/19/2021

Hi My experience with Geckos Etc. was great. The animal arrived healthy and looked perfectly fine. Thank you

N.H., Virginia 5/20/2021

Hello! I have received him and he looks great. Thank you again! I am over the moon with him.

C.B., Illinois 5/13/2021
Just wanted to let you know that she came looking healthy and happy. She looks amazing! Thanks again so much, for all your help! I

N.B., Tennessee 5/12/2021
My female Mexican black kingsnake arrived today in perfect shape, thanks for your good service.  I took her out of her shipping cup and

K.W., Michigan 5/11/2021
Hi Kendall, I am writing to confirm that Stanley arrived safe and sound. We placed him in his enclosure and he already started exploring.

S.R., Tennessee 5/11/2021
Just wanted to let you know that she just got here and is looking great. She is so calm and settling nicely in her

M.C., California 5/5/2021
Hi Geckos Etc. I’d like to post a testimonial. We ordered a leopard gecko for my daughter’s birthday. We picked her out, and Geckos

C.K., Virginia 5/4/2021

I got her earlier today and she has been really well behaved, healthy and curious! Gonna let her relax for a day.

M.P., Kansas 5/4/2021
I got that female blizzard corn snake from you last week. She is doing great and eating great. PS- You guys are awesome, thanks

B.H., Utah 5/5/2021
Thank you so much. I did receive her just a bit ago and am very pleased. I am very happy I have purchased all

D.N., Alabama 4/28/2021
Thank you so much I have never seen a place so informative to their customers! I really appreciate everything and will definitely recommend you

S.B., California 4/23/2021
Hi Jessica W, The snake has arrived safe and sound! He’s beautiful! And active! Thanks very much! It was a pleasure doing business with

J.S., Pennsylvania 4/20/2021
Wanted to let you know that he came in just fine! He looks absolutely stunning! Thank you so much for everything, I’ve never been disappointed

N.B., Tennessee 4/20/2021

The geckos just arrived safely and look amazing as always. Thanks again! 🙂

M.S., Florida 4/20/2021
Hey, he arrived fine. He’s active, a little huffy as they are as babies. He’s so cute, I’m glad I bought him. Thank you

J.S., Oregon 4/20/2021
Thank you for the shipment.  All the animals were safe and fine.  Thank you every time. Thank you so much for the shipment !!

E., Japan 4/16/2021

They all came in looking great as usual. You guys are the best!

R.T., Nebraska 4/14/2021
Thanks so much for getting back to me. I’m happy to say he arrived safe and healthy. He looks amazing and we are happy

B.G., Texas 4/14/2021

Yo!!!! This snake is awesome. Thank you so much. He’s so chill and did I say awesome?? Thanks again.

J.S., New York 4/15/2021
He was just delivered! He looks great & is already exploring his little home. He is absolutely gorgeous – the picture online didn’t do

K.J., Tennessee 4/15/2021
Thank you very much. The albino hognose arrived yesterday and she is beautiful. I couldn’t pass up the snow hognose when I saw you

M.S., South Carolina 4/15/2021
They have arrived happy and healthy. The male albino conda is quite a bit larger than I expected. Ad said 33 grams. My scale

S.B., Louisiana 4/14/2021
I just wanted to let y’all know our boy arrived safely, bright eyed and scaley-tailed! He’s adorable with his little heart shaped spots! Thank

K.E., Ohio 4/14/2021
Hello, I wanted to let you know I have looked over the female and she looks even better in person! Amazing how striking her

X.S., California 4/14/2021

Good morning! Little guy got here safe and looks great!

A.C., Ohio 4/13/2021
Hi there, I just wanted to let you know she came in perfect condition and i couldn’t be happier with her!!! Thank you so

A.B., California 4/8/2021

Hi Jessica, Just wanted to let you know the snake has arrived today and he looks very healthy. Thank you very much!

C.S., Massachusetts 4/8/2021
Hey! Just contacting to let you guys know that AHF*** (pending name “Noodle” ) arrived here safe and sound! I was very happy with

M.Z., Maine 4/7/2021

Arrived healthy and active, thank you for doing business with me!

S.P., Pennsylvania 4/7/2021
He arrived today and I couldn’t be happier! I haven’t had great experiences ordering online, but I will definitely be ordering from you again!

R.M., New Jersey 4/6/2021

Little Red arrived safe and sound. Thank you for such a quick response and speedy delivery.

S.P., Michigan 4/6/2021
Just received him! He’s great! He’s looking beautiful, healthy, and for being shipped overnight in a small box he was surprisingly calm being handled

J.C., California 4/6/2021
Hey, just letting you guys know my female toffee belly arrived this morning safely and looks awesome. Thank you for your great customer service

A.B., New Hampshire 4/1/2021

Got my geckos in great shape. Thank you.

D.T., North Carolina 3/31/2021

The snake arrived in great condition and what an absolutely beautiful girl!

C.C., South Carolina 3/31/2021

My snake has arrived safe and sound! Thank you so much! He is absolutely perfect and even more stunning in person.

K.B., Missouri 3/31/2021

Arrived safe and sassy! Thank you so much I love him!

A.O., Michigan 3/31/2021

He was delivered safely thank you so much he’s beautiful!

F.W., Pennsylvania 3/31/2021

My snake just arrived. She’s beautiful. Thank you,

N.F., Florida 3/30/2021
Hi , I want to say she arrived alive and well and I could not be more pleased with her. She is a gorgeous

S.P., Illinois 3/30/21
Hello, I just received my gecko!! I love him so much already. Thank you so much for sending him to me!! I can tell

L.K., Michigan 3/25/2021

Good morning! I have just received my guy and he looks great! Thank you so very much!

K.F., Pennsylvania 3/25/2021

Snake made the trip well. Thanks again. He looks great.

J.Y., Pennsylvania 3/24/2021

Just got my new geckos and they’re great. warm and in their new home THANK YOU hope to order a few more later

D.T., North Carolina 3/24/2021

Hello, I am just writing to say my gecko, who’s now named Solaris, got here safely, he is absolutely beautiful and amazing!!

A.C., Arizona 3/24/2021

They arrived excellent! Beautiful! Thank you so much! Couldn’t be happier!

K.O., Oregon 3/24/2021

They arrived in good shape, thank you so much.

B.L., Texas 3/19/2021
She has arrived safe and sound and alive! The packaging looks good and intact. The snake is active and exploring her enclosure, no visible

D.H., Texas 3/19/2021

Good morning, The snake has arrived and looks great. Thank you for everything!

B.L., Ohio 3/19/2021

He’s been delivered safe and sound, THANK YOU! 🙂

C.L., New Jersey 3/18/2021

She’s absolutely beautiful and in good health, we couldn’t be happier, thank you.

C.F., North Carolina 3/18/2021
I wanted to let you guys know that he arrived safe and sound this morning! He is GORGEOUS and exactly what I was looking for.

K.C., Oklahoma 3/17/2021
He arrived healthy and had a poop along the way. I’ll be getting him into his new enclosure and all set up in a

K.B., Illinois 3/16/2021
Hello Jessica, I just wanted to say the gecko now named Rusty has made it here safely and he seems to do very well.

M.B., North Carolina 3/16/2021

I got him and he is looking great!  thanks again! ️

A.F.. Texas 3/17/2021
Good morning, I was just emailing to let you know that HAXM*** (Monty) has arrived safe and sound. Thank you so much for your help and

V.R., Kansas 3/18/2021

Hi! He arrived and looks good and healthy. Thank you so much!

D.M., Maryland 3/18/2021
Just wanted to let you know he arrived safely and looks great. And I’m super excited to have him, thank you so much. You

T.S., Montana 3/14/2021
Thank you so much! He’s such a well mannered boy and I love him to death. You guys are awesome, thank you so much

K.W., Vermont 3/14/2021
Just wanted to let you know that the Enigma male I purchased has arrived safely! He is exploring his new home now. He is

A.P., Oklahoma 3/11/2021

All snakes arrived in perfect condition. Thank you so much! Great Service!!!!

M.Y., New York 3/11/2021
I received my boy today and he is doing great. Thanks again and I’ll probably get 1 more girl from you here in the

J.M., California 3/10/2021

Hello, I just received her, and she looks to be perfectly healthy! Very excited! Thanks!!

E.B., Pennsylvania 3/9/2021

Just got my new Toffee, came jumping out of the container. Very healthy from what I can see. Thank you so much!

S.N., Minnesota 3/9/2021

Wanted to let you know they both made it safe and sound and look great!!

M.B., Michigan 3/9/2021

She made it! And she looks GREAT! Huge! Thank you so much.

Z.W., Ohio 3/9/2021

Hi. I received the snake and she is beautiful and doing amazing!

K.C., Texas 3/5/2021

He just arrived and he looks great (other than he pooped on himself! XD).  Thanks so much Jessica and Kendall!

J.T., Texas 3/4/2021

Just wanted to follow up and let you know that he has arrived and looks great. Thanks so much for making the process easy.

J.A., Rhode Island 3/3/2021

Just letting you know I got her today. She is very beautiful and healthy. Thank you very much!

A.B., Washington 3/2/2021
Hi Jessica, I just wanted to follow up and let you know that the snake arrived safely today.  I have a very happy daughter 🙂 

J.S., Washington 3/2/2021

He arrived safe and healthy!! Thank you again so much! He is stunning!!

K.C., Washington 3/3/2021
My geckos arrived safe and sound! They are settling in nicely. Thanks so so much, they are bigger than I expected even! And look

K.F., New York 3/3/2021

The geckos just arrived and are doing great. Thanks again! 🙂

M.S., Florida 3/3/2021

Hi, I received her and she is awesome thank you guys so much I will be looking forward to doing business with you again.

M.F., Nebraska 3/2/2021
Hi Jessica, I just wanted to follow up and let you know that the snake arrived safely today.  I have a very happy daughter 🙂 

J.S., Washington 3/2/2021

They all arrived healthy and looking good.  Thanks again!

B.R., Texas 3/2/2021

Hello, our gecko arrived looking healthy and gorgeous. Thank you!

L.S., Florida 3/2/2021

Hey, we got the Gecko safe and sound!!! Thanks again!

M.R., California 2/25/2021
He just arrived! Looks amazing, immediately came out of the dish and into my hands, what a sweetheart!  Thanks again for getting him here

L.M., Wisconsin 2/24/2021

Hi Jessica, Sophie arrived nice and warm a couple of hours ago. She looks amazing and is quite active. Thanks so much!

A.C. Massachusetts 2/24/2021

Hey just wanted to let you know the snakes arrived just fine and they’re beautiful! Thank you for all your help!

K.K., New York 2/24/2021
She has arrived.  Packaging was in awesome shape.  She is alive and well and seems healthy as can be.  She is beautiful and I

A.G., Ohio 2/24/2021

Hi!!! I received him and he appears to be alive and healthy 🙂 Thanks 🙂 Very happy with my purchase.

A.C., California 2/23/2021

Hello thank you for doing business with us.  Both the geckos arrived at 10AM safe and happy.

C.S., Massachusetts 2/19/2021
Hey, I just wanted to give you guys an update. I received my little hognose. Her name is Vita Longa which is Latin for

M.S., Alabama 2/16/2021
The snake arrived not long ago and is now resting. Barely a hiss out of her, no striking, and appears to be in good

D.A., Virginia 2/15/2021

Received my hognose. I love him guys he is so sweet thank you so much. Thanks again guys he’s amazing. C.D., Oregon 2/14/2021

C.D., Oregon 2/14/2021

Everyone arrived safe and sound and they are relaxing in their new enclosures after the long journey. 🙂 Thanks again!

L.E., California 2/5/2021

Hi, I received my snake this morning. She’s really beautiful and seems to be in perfect condition although obviously stressed. Thank you:-)

K.S., Massachusetts 2/4/2021

I have purchased I think 4 animals from you guys and they are all just perfect! Thanks!!!

J.T., Texas 2/4/2021

They have arrived safe and sound! Thank you so much! I have been looking for a male like the Rainbow for over a year.

L.W., Montana 2/3/2021

They arrived on time, and look fantastic. Thank you again!! Thanks,  

T.C., Texas 2/3/2021

Just wanted you to know I received him and he is doing great. Thank you so much.

A.T., Texas 2/3/2021

Kendall, Hi. I received 6 of them safely today.  Thank you for this time.  Please also thank Steve.  I will order again. Thank you,

A., Japan 1/30/2021

They arrived beautiful and healthy. Thanks again for all your help. Best wishes.

D.M., California 2/2/2021
I purchased two females from Geckos Etc. and they were responsive to me the whole time even after I received my girls. Packaging was

G.S., Virginia 1/26/2021

I have received the shipment with gecko safe and in good health at this time. Thanks,

J.B. Utah 2/2/2021

I received your great shipment. Of course, ALL animals were very nice Thank you for always!!!

M.N., Japan 2/1/2021

Got the geckos safe and sound ty so much! 

F.C., Arizona 1/26/2021
Hey there! Just checking in – he arrived safely and is settling in nicely. I haven’t seen him eat but am finding poop and

J.D., New York 1/27/2021
Hi Kendall, Just thought I’d let you know my boy got here safe and sound and he’s prettier in person than in the picture

E.G., Virginia 1/27/2021

All guys look healthy! They arrived safe. Thank you Steve. Good job.

J.B., Korea 1/30/2021

Got here this morning safe and sound, albeit a bit disgruntled lol. Thanks for your help with this order. He’s gorgeous!

C.W., Virginia 1/27/2021
Hello! I just wanted to let you know that the snake arrived and is AMAZING! I have had poor shipments from others that were

S.M., Washington 1/28/2021
He has arrived safe and sound!! He’s so sweet and sooo curious!! He’s cozy now in his quarantine tank! Thanks you again for such

S.M., Missouri 1/26/2021

Hi! Thanks so much for the girls!! They arrived in great shape this morning!

G.S., Virginia 1/26/2021
Hi, Steve, I got your animals yesterday. All animals are in good condition, great color, and I am satisfied with this shipment. Thanks for your great

T., Japan 1/23/2021
Hey there, Kendall! Our girl came in great shape and is settling in! She’s even more beautiful in person; we just wanted to say

B.N., Florida 1/22/2021

Hi, I received them and they all look great!! Thank you all so much for your help!

K.C., South Carolina 1/14/2021
Thank you so much for the amazing gecko! He arrived in great condition and with lots of energy. He is very curious and is

R.M., California 1/8/2021
I received “The Mighty Thor” at 10:25 this morning and he seems in good spirits. The heat pack you put in was still warm

W.L., Alabama 1/6/2021
Hello I am just emailing to let you know that the snake has arrived live and healthy thank you so much for selling her

T.C., Nevada 1/6/2021

My hoggie has arrived and made it safe and is beautiful!! Thank you so much!!

S.L., Florida 1/6/2021
Good afternoon, Wanted to let you know that the rainwater male just showed up and he seems to be no worse for wear! We

K.V., Oregon 1/5/2021

Hi, The snake arrived this morning in great shape.  Thanks for everything.

K.W., Michigan 1/5/2021
I received her. She is definitely a lot prettier and bigger in person. I’m excited to be working with her. And thank you for

D.E., Pennsylvania 1/5/2021
We have received him and he looks great!  Thanks for all your help.  We plan to leave him alone for now and will introduce some

S.M., Illinois 1/5/2021

2020 Testimonials

Hi Jessica just wanted to say that all the geckos made it and look great! Thanks again! Thanks!

B.K., Illinois 12/31/2020
Hello! Just wanted to let you know my Gecko arrived safe and sound! He is beautiful, and HUGE, my other boy is only about

L.C., North Carolina 12/31/2020
Good afternoon. Just wanted to say thanks for providing my daughter with her beautiful healthy new pet. She named her “Yogurt “ . Thank you

K.S., California 12/28/2020

Hi, Just want to let you know she arrived and is sitting at room temp for now but seems healthy and active. Thank you!

M.C., New Mexico 12/17/2020

Thank you my Gecko arrived alive and well !

B.K., California 12/17/2020

I just got my gecko. He is doing excellent. He looks tip top. No issues, not cold. He was packaged perfect.

K.O., Oregon 12/17/2020

Hi Steve! Thank you for shipment! I received yesterday evening. ALL animals were very good condition!! Thank you for great shipment always!!! Best Regards,

M.N., Japan 12/11/2020

I just received her! She arrived alive and healthy!

M.H. Michigan 12/10/2020

He is here! thank you so much! He is beautiful!!

E.H., Missouri 12/9/2020

She has arrived. She is perfect, thank you so much.

G.S., Minnesota 12/9/2020

I just got her, she’s gorgeous!!! She really is better in person! Thank you so much!!

C.S., Illinois 12/8/2020

He has arrived safe. Poor guy was terrified lol. He looks super healthy. Really high quality animal, and i am super happy with him.

N.M., Arizona 12/2/2020

Thanks again. Always love getting geckos from you.

J.A., New Jersey 12/2/2020
Good morning! Just wanted to let you know that she arrived safe (albeit a little chilly!) And is now cozying up on a heating

K.V., Oregon 12/2/2020

Just wanted to let you know she made it here safe and sound. Thanks again, she is beautiful.

W.R., Georgia 12/1/2020
Dear Steve. Hello, Thank you for the shipment today. I received your shipment this morning. They are perfect as always. Fat tails are also

E., Japan 11/27/2020

Hi Steve, I got shipment. No DOA. Thanks again for a perfect job!

T., Japan 11/26/2020

Hello Kendall…..the geckos arrived safely and in good health.

R.G., Georgia 11/19/2020

We are extremely happy with the personality of ANA****.She is incredibly friendly and easy to handle.

S.B. Florida 11/13/2020
Hello again, Just wanted to mail and let you know that the knob tail arrived safe and sound the other day, he’s already shed

J.C., Maine 11/12/2020
She came in nice and warm, packaged very well, and she is so stunning! I could hardly keep my eyes of her. Thank you

N.B., 11/12/2020
Hello just wanted to say thank you so much! He has arrived and is doing great! He shed in his container so that was

T.C., Indiana 11/11/2020

Alright thank you! He came today! He’s a little tired but he doesn’t look stressed and he looks healthy! Thank you!

C.D., Michigan 11/11/2020

Hello, I meant to message you yesterday… we received our sweet Noodle boy safe and sound yesterday! Thank you so much he is so sweet 

A.P., Virginia 11/5/2020
Hello, They all look great! Thank you guys so much! They all look amazing. The male is a bit grumpy but I’m sure once he

K.C., 11/4/2020
He’s here safe and sound! He is absolutely perfect. He looks so healthy and gorgeous. I am so excited. Thank you very, very, very

N.C., Arkansas 11/3/2020

They just made it and look fat and happy! Thank you!

K.V., Washington 11/3/2020

All snakes came in doing fantastic!! Thank you for all the help!!!

R.T., Nebraska 10/29/2020
Thank you for answering all my questions, she came in calm and happy. She looks absolutely beautiful! I can’t thank you enough for great

N.B., Tennessee 10/24/2020

She just arrived & my wife loves her! Thank you guys so much!

P.H., Tennessee 9/29/2020

Hi Kendall! I love my geckos! Thank you so much for all of your help! They are truly phenomenal :)))) Best,

S.G., 9/22/2020
Thank you so much for my new leo! He came fat and healthy still even after shipping and it only took a day for

D.L., California 9/17/2020

Just wanted to let you know that nftm*** (new name pascel) has arrived and is doing great.

A.M., South Carolina 9/17/2020

Package just arrived he looks wonderful thank you so much!

Z.L., California 9/17/2020

They’re here and absolutely gorgeous ? Super friendly girls all went into their enclosures and found the heat spots already!

C.G., California 9/17/2020

Good afternoon, I picked up the geckos this morning and they look great! Thank you.

S.T., 9/16/2020
He came right around 10:30. He’s in his enclosure now, and I honestly cannot believe how big he is.. wow! I’ve honestly never seen

D.J., Rhode Island 9/15/2020

Thanks for the leo! Great looking lizard!

T.H., California 9/15/2020

Hi, Just a quick email to let you know he arrived safely this morning. Thank you so much!

S., Kentucky 9/15/2020

Hi, Fyi: the gecko just arrived safely. Thank you very much for the awesome gecko and service! Thank you,

K.G., Germany 9/15/2020

Hi Steve! Thanks for the really nice cinctus! Stunner 🙂 !

F.S., Netherlands 9/14/2020

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that the geckos arrived safely at my home. Awesome  little geckos.:-) Regards,

S.S., 9/12/2020
Hello, I have received the gecko and it is in perfect condition. Thank you and I look forward to buying more geckos from GeckosEtc.

N.W., 9/10/2020
He just arrived about an hour ago!! My kids were soooo excited!! He is adorable and seems to be just fine. Thank you so so

A.M., California 9/10/2020

They arrived healthy this morning and are settling in to their new homes. Thanks,

C.A., Connecticut 9/4/2020
Hello, I am excited to say that TCHM155 arrived safely. I am extremely pleased with him and look forward to seeing what he produces with

E.S., California 9/2/2020
Hi – the geckos arrived safely a little while after I sent the last email.  They all look terrific and are doing well.  Thanks

J.O., Colorado 9/2/2020
Hi there, I just wanted to let you know that my little guy arrived today safe and sound. He’s very alert and active. Thank

K.W., New York 9/2/2020
Spud has arrived safely! He’s absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for all your help through this process. I will definitely recommend you guys

K.C., Massachusetts 9/1/2020

The white and yellow gecko arrived safe and sound. She’s beautiful!

T., Florida 9/1/2020

I just wanted to let you know she arrived safe and sound today! She’s settling in well, and looks amazing!  Thank you so much!!

A.L., North Carolina 8/27/2020
Hi Steve, We received them yesterday! They are all in very good condition. Thank you so much and we hope to cooperate with you

M., Japan 8/17/2020

Just wanted to let you he arrived safely! Thanks for the care in packaging! Cheers,

E.B., Texas 8/14/2020
Good afternoon! He has arrived and seems to be doing well, not a shy boy at all! Thank you guys so much, he is

A.B., Alabama 8/13/2020
He arrived safely in the mail. Breathing well, didn’t play dead or musked, no injury, and will say he is unbelievably gorgeous up close

S.M., California 8/4/2020

He arrived safe and sound!! He’s an absolute darling. I love him.

B.T., South Carolina 8/4/2020
I wanted to let you know he is here and settling in to his quarantine tank. He’s more beautiful in person. Thanks again for

B.R., Wisconsin 7/30/2020

I picked him up and he is perfect. Thank you!

M.N., Arizona 7/30/2020

Just got her in! Thank you so much for everything. 🙂 She’s awesome. Extremely satisfied. Can’t wait to get another from y’all.

C.K., Louisiana 7/29/2020

Our Leo arrived safe and sound and is a very active fellow. We love his vibrant colors and docile nature. Thank you so much!!!

D.H., Michigan 7/29/2020
The little guy made it in safe and healthy and he is beautiful. Thank you very much and I will be writing a good

J.R., Louisiana 7/29/2020

I received the snakes safe and sound! They look great! Thank you so much!

A.W., California 7/21/2020
Hello, Thank you I received the gecko. He’s so nice and he was so ready to get out of the cup! Great doing business with

M.P., California 7/15/2020

She has arrived healthy and safe. She is already wandering wandering the enclosure I have for her. She is really really big

J.B., Colorado 7/7/2020
Hello, My snake arrived safe and sound! Thanks so much for making the process so easy. I’m so excited! He seems to be loving

A.D., California 7/2/2020

Kendall, Thanks for all your help. The fat tails are doing great in their new homes. And they look amazing too.

A.V., Minnesota 7/2/2020
Well the geckos arrived on time. They all look better in person especially the male Black Night, I absolutely love him. Girlfriend and I

R.S., Florida 7/1/2020

She made it safe and sound and she is big and beautiful and healthy and probably the most gorgeous barking gecko I’ve ever seen.

C.M., California 6/30/2020
Gecko arrived healthy and was instantly out and exploring his new home. Very friendly! Fast shipping with no issues, little guy arrived and hopped

Tom and Aitza, New Jersey 6/30/2020
She arrived safely, absolutely in love with this little chunky monkey. She clearly has not missed any meals! I purchased her because I thought

E.H., Michigan 6/30/2020
Dear Steve, Thank you for the shipment today, and they are really nice. Perfect as always, and let me try to sell them fast,

E.O., Japan 6/26/2020
Hi Kendall, She arrived!  Thank you so much.  She was feisty and healthy, and absolutely beautiful.  She was fine with a bit of handling,

K.B., Canada 6/19/2020
Hello Kendall, The new snake arrived and is settling into her new home. She is a very pretty snake, much more stunning in person than

A.S., Maryland 6/18/2020
I purchased two geckos from you 4 years ago and love them. Their temperaments are beyond amazing and they are in great health. You

J.O., California 6/17/2020
Just wanted to follow up and say thank you for the beautiful snake! He was so nice and calm when we went to move

J.S., Pennsylvania 6/12/2020
Thank you so much, my Oreo Fat Tailed gecko just arrived. Beautiful and healthy. Once again, thank you so much and I will definitely be

P.T., Georgia 6/11/2020

They arrived this morning looking alert and healthy!  Thank you!!

B.R., Texas 6/11/2020
Hey guys I just wanted you to know the arctic female hognose you shipped arrived safely yesterday and happily came out of the deli

P.C., California 6/10/2020

Got the snake yesterday all happy and healthy thank u again!!

T.M., New York 6/4/2020

I just put her in her enclosure. Thank you so much! I absolutely love her. She’s beautiful.

S.A., Illinois 6/3/2020
Just received them all is good they’re nice and feisty the way I like them! Thank you so much and I definitely will be

P.Z., New Jersey 6/3/2020

She came in this morning and my goodness, she is so much prettier in person! Thank you so much, I am so flipping happy!!

C.F., Minnesota 6/2/2020

Hi there I have picked up geckos today. Those are great and in good condition. Best Regards.

T.T., California 6/2/2020

I just received the hognose, and it was even cooler in person.

Z.K., Michigan 6/2/2020

The little hognose arrived just fine and is doing great! Thanks so much!

J.T., Texas 6/2/2020

Hello, He arrived safely, FedEx knocked, thankfully. Beautifully packaged. He’s so cute and so sweet! Thank you

D.C., North Carolina 5/22/2020
Hey! I just wanted to reach out and let you know our little hoggie is settled in wonderfully. He is curious and explores everything

M.V., Texas 5/20/2020

Hi Kendall I got my Gorgeous Snake!!!! I’m so in love!!!! I’m looking for the same type but a female. Thanks,

J.C., New York 5/19/2020
Just got my shipment today! Extreme Red Super anaconda! She’s absolutely stunning! And looks to be in fantastic health! The Geckos Etc team were

J.A., Massachusetts 5/19/20

Thank you so much!  I just got the Gecko this morning!  She is in perfect shape.  Thank you!

J.W., Texas 5/19/2020

I received my female hognose In perfect condition today! Thank you very much! Thanks again!

C.L., California 5/19/2020
Hi. I recently bought an African fat tail gecko from you guys last month. I just wanted to let you know he’s doing amazing.

E.M., Texas 5/17/2020
Hi Steve, The shipment have received today. All animals are very good condition and beautiful as always! I’ll order again near future! Thank you

J.H., Japan 5/15/2020
I just got a hognose snake for my wife we love it great service packaged very well. Answered all my questions when I called.

W.S., Utah 5/10/2020
Good morning! Just wanted to touch base again to say thanks; I did receive the girl Tuesday as expected, and she’s settling right in.

T.H., Kansas 5/9/2020

All are alive and well. Thank you for some great geckos,

M.W., Georgia 5/6/2020

He has arrived safe and sound – absolutely gorgeous.

S.L., Virginia 4/30/2020

They just arrived and I got then opened up and settled in. They both look great. Thank you so much.

G.B., Pennsylvania 4/30/2020

Hi Kendall, She arrived safe and sound this morning and looks great! She’s exploring her new home. Thanks again for all of your help,

N.H., Texas 4/29/2020

Hello! He arrived a little bit ago this afternoon in great condition and health! Thank you so very much!

J.A., Michigan 4/29/2020

Hi Kendall.  I received them and they are spectacular!  Just lovely.  Thank you so much for them! Take care,

L.P. Minnesota 4/28/2020

Hello! This beautiful animal is at my house, intact and healthy, acclimating to his new enclosure. Thank you for the sale,

J.H., Texas 4/23/2020

Thank you, Kendall.  We received our gecko earlier today.  He is a big boy!  We love him already.

V.H., Maryland 4/23/2020

I got the package! She looks great!

A.W., Georgia 4/23/2020

Hello!! Just wanted to update and say all three arrived safely and they look stunning! Super pleased with these babies!

K.W., Kentucky 4/22/2020

Came in happy and healthy thank you again.

J.D., Ohio 4/22/2020

The gecko arrived safe and sound and looks great!

D.Y., Massachusetts 4/21/2020

Hello. The geckos I got from you guys are doing amazing. Planning on ordering more this summer.

C.H., Missouri 4/17/2020

Hello, The gecko arrived safely today and seems happy and healthy. He’s even prettier than his photo. Thank you!

E.F., Washington 4/16/2020

Good morning, I received the hognose this morning. She is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much!

B.W., Pennsylvania 4/16/2020

Hi Mr. Sykes. Thank you for your shipment. I received all reptiles. It is very good quality and health.

T.I., Japan 4/11/2020
Hello, All is well with my Bold Jungle Striped Snow Gecko that I names Stella.  She actually just produced 2 eggs for me this

B.B., Pennsylvania 4/11/2020
She’s doing amazingly–she ate her first meal yesterday with no issues, and I’m really happy with her. Thank you so much for working with

E.A., California 4/8/2020

Hi there, Just wanted to let you know she arrived safely, and she looks great!

L.K., Massachusetts 4/8/2020
I picked up the geckos and have unboxed them and they are settling in to their quarantine homes. They all arrived alive and well.

N.K., Washington 4/7/2020
Our little gal just arrived safe and sound and we are over the moon happy to meet her. She is gorgeous and sweet and

A.V., Washington D.C. 4/7/2020

We received our gecko and he’s beautiful!

C.P., Texas 4/2/2020

We received him in great condition! Thank you!

L.Y., Missouri 4/1/2020
Hi All, Just letting you know that HPFTM331 has arrived safe and sound and looks better in person than in the photo. As per

W.L., Illinois 3/31/2020

The gecko arrived safely. She looks great!

M.S., Florida 3/31/2020

Hi Steve. This shipment is great! No DOA! Thanks for good job! Best Regards,

T.S., Japan 3/27/2020
Hi, Steve! I just received lizards. I am really grateful and I am very satisfied with the quality of the lizards. Thank you Steve!

M.K., Japan 3/27/2020

Would like to thank you for this gorgeous snake! I’m very happy and will definitely leave you a great review, thanks again!

E.F., Kentucky 3/26/2020

Hi Steve, I received the shipment this morning. All animals are very good condition and great quality as always!

J.H., Japan 3/13/2020

My hognoses came today, and they look better than the pictures! Seem to be very healthy animals!

L.S., Florida 3/12/2020

Hello! The sweet boy arrived today and he looks great! Thanks so much!

A.K., Washington 3/10/2020

Hi, The female arrived safely.  She’s beautiful. Thank you very much.

R.W., California 3/6/2020
One of the reasons I like getting geckos from you apart from overall very good quality is size, yours always have very good size

T.N., Netherlands 3/4/2020

He arrived in perfect condition. Very happy with him.

C.H., Arkansas 3/3/2020
Picked them up and they look great and are setup getting settled in! Will definitely be back for more as I watch your ads!

N.S., Colorado 3/3/2020

Arrived –  all looks great!  Thanks again.

M.W., New York 3/3/2020
Hey, I just wanted to confirm that I did pick up the snakes and they both look really good.  Great colors and both were

B.B., Virginia 2/26/2020
I bought a hognose snake from you at the reptile show in January and he is doing so good! He is an amazing eater,

E.T., California 2/18/2020

Hi Kendall, She arrived safe and sound and looks great. Thanks for all your help!

V.L., Nebraska 2/18/2020

Dear Mr.Sykes, Thank you for shipment. All animals were fine good! Thank you!

N., Japan 2/14/2020
Dear Steve, Hello, Thank you for the shipment. They are nice as always. Thank you so much. Thank you for the shipment !! Best

E.O., Japan 2/15/2020

I’m happy to let you guys know that he arrived safely and is adjusting well to his new home. He’s a great looking lizard.

B.S., Oregon 2/12/2020

He’s arrived safely and been moved into his new cage! We’ve decided to name him Silver and he’s settling in quite well!

C.S., Georgia 2/5/2020
The male toffee belly arrived this morning!!   He was active upon arrival.  67 degrees was his temp.   Very pleased with him.   Hopefully the lady

L.T., Pennsylvania 1/28/2020
Hello Mr Steve! I received all animals with very good condition! Thank you very much!!!! All geckos are so beautiful and healthy, my staff

T.H., Japan 1/25/2020
Thank you! Hello again! Received my beautiful baby boy today. Thank you so much! You guys have been awesome and my little guy is

K.H., California 1/22/2020

I just got him, he’s beautiful. Thank you so much!

E.D., Nevada 1/21/2020

I got her and she’s PERFECT! I’m in love with her, thank you!

A.H., Texas 1/21/2020

Hi, I receive the geckos. Very nice! They are awesome! Thanks a lot! It is a good experience for this order.

G.H., Taiwan 1/9/2020
Hey guys, Just want to let you know that he arrived safe and he looks great. And has some nice size on him too

M.M., Massachusetts 1/8/2020
I’ve received the gecko, she is alive and well! Thank you kindly! She’s prettier then what the pictures show also I greatly appreciate the

D.S., Montana 1/7/2020

Hello, The snake arrived this morning safe and sound. Everything looks great. Thank you so much.

J.H., Pennsylvania 1/7/2020

Hi Kendall, I got her! She’s safe and healthy – thank you so much for making this process smooth! Again, thank you!!!

M.C., California 1/7/2020