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I just finished an update to my website. There are a total of 95 new geckos in this update. The new ones include lots of Fat Tail Geckos including Ghost Whiteouts, our first offering of Oreo Whiteouts (see photos below), Whiteouts, Ghosts, Oreos, Het Ghosts, Het Oreos, Aberrant Bloodline Fat Tails, Caramel Albinos, Het Caramel Albinos, Double hets for Caramel Zulu, and Het Patternless.

Ghost Whiteouts Fat Tails posted for sale in this update
Oreo Whiteout Fat Tails posted for sale in this update

There are lots of really nice Leopard Geckos in this update. The Leopard Gecko morphs I added in this update include RAPTORs, Eclipse het Radar, Eclipse, Radar, Giant RAPTORs, Raining Red Stripe, Super Hypo Tangerines, Bell Blazing Blizzards, Snow Blizzards, Snow Ghost, Patternless Albinos, Snow RAPTORs, Bold Stripes, Tremper Sunglows, Eublepharis macularius fasciolatus, Bell Sunglows, Rainwater Albinos, Bold Stripe Bell Albinos, Bell Albinos, and Mack Snows.