What Our Customers are Saying

Below are some comments our customers are saying about us and our geckos. If you have a comment that you would like to share about our geckos or customer service, please email it to us. Here is the link to send us an email: Email Link

Thanks to everyone for your continued support!

The geckos are here and huge. I can't believe the male isn't full grown and no craziness from the enigma unless you count her being extremely pissed off. I'm very satisfied with my purchase thank you.

J.M., Washington 1/5/2017

Just wanted to let you know that she made it here safe and sound today. She is absolutely gorgeous, i cant thank you enough.

M.L., New York 1/4/2017

Hi Steve ,

All geckos are safe arrived!! I really very very like your geckos, lemon frost patty especially!!

Happy new year!!

J.H., Taiwan 12/31/2016

They both arrived at 9am this morning and they both look beautiful and healthy! 

G.R., South Carolina 12/29/2016

Dear Steve.

Hello, Thank you very much for the shipment today!! It was so nice as always. Perfect!

Thank you!!

Best Regards,

E.O. Japan 12/16/2016

Hi Steve,

I returned from airport and I received your shipment. All animals that you sent are very good condition. Thank you so much!

J.H., Japan 12/16/2016

I just received my new eclipse het radar leopard gecko today! I was speechless! Absolutely LOVE him! I named him Thor. He arrived safe and sound. Love you guys business, your all doing an awesome job! Very very very impressed with how beautiful, happy and healthy my gecko is! I look forward to doing future business with you! Thanks again so much!

Jared, Brady and Thor, Pennsylvania 12/13/2016


I've received a Rainbow, she looks awesome. Thank you very much. I'm pretty sure that we do business again :)

Kind Regards,

B.F., Croatia 12/11/2016

I thought you all would enjoy an update on my lizards. They're doing GREAT! Millie (the white one) is a pretty chill little lady and Tillie (yellow one) is my wild child and enjoys running around and climbing in their tank. 

Thank you all!

Rose, Millie and Tillie, New York, 11/11/2016

Hi Steve,

I received all geckos and snakes today!! Thank you very very much!!! LOL Your geckos really really nice, Especially Lemon Frost, they are so beautiful and strong!!!! I am very like them!!

Thanks again!

J., Taiwan 10/27/2016

Good morning,

I received my Rainwater early this morning. Arrived very happy and healthy.

Again awesome animal and service! Thank you!

P.R., Illinois 10/11/2016


He arrived safe and sound this morning. He is absolutely stunning and is everything I could ask for and more!

Thank you,

M.A., Michigan 10/6/2016

Just received the gecko yesterday, he looks great!

M.M., Texas 10/5/2016

Hi, Jasmine

I received the geckos today, and couldn't be happier. I look forward to doing business with you guys in the future. Thank you

J.F. Florida 10/4/2016


I received the shpment! Thank you very much!! They are very beautiful and healthy.

Thank you and best regards.

T.H., Japan 9/30/2016

My kids and I are newbies to the leopard gecko world. We recently studied Steve's site and his amazing Godzilla family. When we saw them at the reptile show it was like meeting a celebrity! Everyone was so patient with all of our questions it was amazing. We adopted two beautiful new girls to our family and our currently waiting to adopt a couple more. These geckos are so healthy and friendly I would recommend them to anyone who is a reptile lover. Thank you guys for sharing and creating such amazing new morphs, you have inherited loyal customers for life!!

S.W., California 9/29/2016

My girls are here! And they're doing fine! They came scrambling out of the dishes with lots of energy.

Thank you all so so much!

R.Z., New York 9/27/2016

I just wanted to let you know she arrived, and the neighbor said she looks great! Thank you again so much!

A.Y., Indiana 9/27/2016

He arrived safe and sound! He looks great!

Thanks for a wonderful experience.

B.B., New Jersey 9/22/2016

Hey Jasmine,

The Eclipse just arrived and is perfect. He looks even better than I had expected. Thank you for yet another wonderful transaction.

B.H., 9/22/2016

Hi Steve, 

The milii and wheeleri arrived promptly today and they look wonderful! I just wanted to email and say thank you very much again for the charity for Joe's family and thank you for the wonderful geckos. Very much appreciated :]

P.L., Colorado 9/22/2016


I received the geckos yesterday a little after 2pm, got them all out into their tubs. They look great! I love them all and I am so happy with this order! Thank you so much for the great animals and the great business.


I.J., Wyoming 9/2/2016

I got her! She's gorgeous : ) Thank you so much! 

C.T., California 8/31/2016

We got her! I love her! Thank you so much. She likes the new house

L.D., Missouri 8/31/2016


I picked up the geckos today. They look great. Thanks a bunch!

J.U., Florida 8/30/2016

Hello GeckosEtc,

She arrived right on time and I couldn't be more impressed. The enigma morph will be a first to work with but I'm sure she'll be quite comfortable here. Her colors are absolutely gorgeous!!

T.E., Pennsylvania 8/25/2016


Thank you for the very healthy Gecko. She is beautiful! She arrived on time and happy.

Thanks again,

B.F., Illinois 8/16/2016


The gecko i got from you guys is awesome! The afganicus leopard gecko is active and ate today. You guys were extremely friendly. I'm buying from you guys again!

D.N., Florida 8/14/2016

Hello Jasmine,

All four geckos arrived as described, and obviously healthy!

M.S., Illinois 8/11/2016

I got my order and I am very happy with it . Thank you!

T.H., California 8/3/2016

Hi Steve,

We are received animals which you sent. We would reorder again! All animal has good health!! sooooooooo great animals you sent me!!! We had satisfied.Thank you sooo much!!!

N.T., Japan 7/23/2016

Hi Mr Steve!! 

I am very sorry for late to reply! I received your great geckos with good health! Many many thanks!! I must to order in next time!!! 

Thank you and best regards. 

T.H., Japan 7/21/2016

Hi Jasmine, 

Just wanted to let you know the geckos arrived safe & sound!

Thanks again! 


T.M., Florida 7/12/2016

Hey Guys,

I received my girl safe and sound, and she is beautiful...

Thanks again guys,

K.D., Massachusetts 6/14/2016

This is D.S. again. I was the one who purchased your male creamsicle and a couple of your high yellow females, and I absolutely adore them! They are a great addition to my family and are as healthy as could be. I thank you so much for my new friends :)

I would like to place three more geckos on a seven-day hold. I'm working on two eclipse projects, so they will be the ones who will get said projects going. If there are any issues with this, please let me know!

Thank you again, and I'm excited to eventually get these new three since I was so impressed with the first shipment of geckos.

D.S., Colorado 6/11/2016

Leopard Gecko ENF9072 came in on Thursfay and she's doing excellent! Thank you for taking such great care of your geckos! 

K.A., California 6/11/2016


I just got the geckos home and setting them up. They both look great and appear to be fine. I appreciate how helpful and patient you have been with me. I look forward to future transactions.


J.T., Florida 6/9/2016

Thank you, we love the geckos. They are beyond awesome and way above our expectations! 

P.E., Colorado 6/8/2016

Hi Steve,

I just wanted to tell you that everything went well with the pickup. The two girls are beautiful and made save home. Thank you for everything. :)

Best regards,

K.S., Germany 6/5/2016

I would just like to thank this wonderful staff for helping me with my questions about my gecko, she is very happy and has been eating well! She is a spoiled and very loved lizard. She was gecko number SSF6248.

Thank you so much for your wonderful reptile service!


R.D., California 6/4/2016

Hey folks, they arrived! Looking good, as I expected they would. Thank you for a nice and simple experience!

K.G., Washington 5/17/2016

Hey Jasmine,

Just wanted to let you know that the gecko got her safe and sound. He looks great, thanks again!

M.R., California 5/17/2016


Just wanted to let you know the two gecko arrived safe and sound and I am very happy with them. I printed out the care guide and will read it all over well. If I have any questions I will be in touch. Thanks so much.

S.S., Illinois 5/4/2016

Hi, I ordered a blizzard leopard gecko a while back around Christmas time and I have so good news. She is doing great and I am very happy I purchased her. And just a little bit ago I got another gecko, a hypo tangerine carrot tail. And this morning I found eggs in the box that I put in there just in case she was going to lay eggs. And she did. 

J.D., Indiana 4/30/2016

We just made a rather larger purchase for Magnum Geckos from Steve and Debra Sykes (and of course all their wonderful staff!) - this order was in such a busy time for them....that Jasmine and staff really put in a lot of excellent work to make sure everything was perfect! and sent out next day! I don't even know how they did that it was so perfect!!!! and we wanted to shout out what great geckos we got for our new additions! We received 1.4 group! You always pay for what you get with Geckos Etc and that is a huge bonus!!!!.Stunning! Perfect packaging, great customer service even when they were in a very busy situation with zero issues! All the geckos arrived safely, are settling in from the trip and are exploring their new enclosure together without any issues! All get along etc. Could not say better things again, we've been repeat customers for a reason, about Geckos Etc.!! #1 in our book!

#‎qualityoverQuantity‬‪#‎AplusCustomerService‬ ‪#‎APlusGeckos‬ ‪#‎BestGeckoBreeder‬ 

Do not hesitate to purchase for anyone that sees this!

K.M., California 4/15/2018

She has arrived safely 💓 Thank you for the easy and smooth transaction! She's gorgeous

Happy to have done business with you :)

J.O., California 4/14/2016

I received the geckos they are absolutely stunning I am more than happy thank you again Steve!

N.L., Canada 4/13/2016


B.B., New York 4/7/2016

She arrived safely and perfectly on time! Thanks so much she's doing great and looks even better in person, already in love! 

Thanks again! 

C.J., New York 3/26/2016

The geckos are amazing and are doing great.

Thank you,

S.K., Illinois 3/24/2016

I just got the animals, thank you! They're all wonderful as always.

A.M., Pennsylvania 3/23/2016


My daughter got her geckos and they look great.

Thank you, 

C.S., Arizona 3/17/2016

Hi Jasmine,

I will let you know, Steve and the Geckos Etc. Team also....I'm totally happy with the Leopard Geckos. I'm looking forward for the next order in the future. 

Thank you all!

Best Regards,

M.L., Germany 3/15/2016


I just wanted to let you know the geckos arrived this morning, safe and sound. They're all gorgeous, & seem to be settling in well & catching up on their rest. Thank you so much for them! I look forward to seeing all your babies from this season too :)

S.C. and E.C., Ireland 3/13/2016


Once again, the gecko’s are awesome 

Really great. Thanks!

J.J., Netherlands 3/13/2016

Hi Jasmine,

Geckos got here just fine this morning. They look great. Very happy as always with my purchases with you.

C.S., New Jersey 2/24/2016

She got here safe and sound! She's prettier in person and is settling in well.  Thanks for all your help and in making this a smooth process.

Thanks again,

S.L., Oregon 2/23/2016


I would like to thank you and the entire GeckosEtc team for the help and our new male. He has adjusted well and is already eating like a beast.

Thanks Again,

T.M., California 2/23/2016

I got them all alive and safe, and I want to thank you for these beauties to add to my family.

Will definitely buy again 😄

J.P., Indiana 2/20/2016

I love the geckos you sent me, and I plan on doing more busness with you. I  like the quality of your geckos.

C.R., Utah 2/18/2016

She got here safely :) and she's even prettier in person!

J.W., New York 2/3/2016

I received the geckos today and they are looking great so far! 

N.S., Ohio 2/2/2016

They've arrived! Both are very nice, I love how big and healthy they are. 

A.M., Pennsylvania 2/2/2016

Hi! I just received her and she is beautiful!

R.B., Illinois 1/28/2016

Hi Jasmine,

Wanted to let you know the girls arrived and they look great. I wanted to let you know that they are amazing and we truly appreciate your customer service!!!


T.C., Louisiana 1/28/2016

Hi Jasmine!

I just received the geckos, both are alive and seem to be doing well! Thank you again for all your help throughout this process. 100% would order again!

Z.D., New York 1/27/2016

Hello Jasmine,

I just received my beautiful girls.  Thank you for all your help.  They look good.  Letting them warm up to room temperature and then will put them in their new homes.  

J.D., Idaho 1/21/2016

Hello Geckos Etc!

Its been a long time since my last purchase, and I'm happy to report that all the geckos I've purchased from you are doing wonderfully! Each has a great personality and I really do think they are quite happy! 

T.P., Washington 1/16/2016

Hi Steve,

I received your geckos. Your gecko is different than anything else.
It's Blavo!

Thank you!

T.K., Japan 1/15/2016

Everyone arrived safely this morning. I am impressed with all of them! Nice and healthy! Thank you! That leo is huge! lol

M.M., Georgia 1/13/2016

I received my order thank you so much he is amazing! 

D.L., Florida 1//12/2016

I'd like to thank you for my gecko! When I got the notification that he was delivered I left school and ran home. When I got there my heater in the front porch was on and when I opened the package he was sleeping and I opened the container and he got on my hand and started using my body heat. I put him in his enclosure. Put fresh super worms and water bowl along with calcium powder. He will be loved and cared for. Thank you again, have a good day. I will be buying again in the near future!

E.D., New Jersey 1/7/2016

They came in, thank you very much for the amazing animals!

I.Q., Florida 1/7/2016


I wanted to confirm that the male hognose has arrived and is looking great.  Thank you again.

P.B., North Carolina 1/5/2016


She arrived safe and sound! Her name is Nova now and she's settling into her new tank! She is so cute and even more beautiful in person! I can't believe her eyes and markings are so intense!

Thank you so much for such a beautiful girl!

S.Z., Florida 1/5/2016

She's here, and she's beautiful! Right now she's nice and cozy in her hot hide, which I got to a perfect 90 degrees! Thank you so much, I couldn't be more happy with my gecko!

R.D., California 12/30/2015

The two female leopard geckos I received this fall are looking great.  They are stunning, both in photographs and in person.  Each gecko passed screenings for internal parasites and Cryptosporidium, and they continue to settle in to their new homes.  I can't thank you enough for the time you spent giving me advice and helping me through the acclimation period.  You're an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10!

R.G., Massachusetts 12/30/2015

Hello Jasmine,

I just receive my leopard gecko this morning and I want to take the time out and say thank you so much you've been a great help.... thanks again!!! 

K.J., Michigan 12/30/2015

Just wanted to let you know he got here this morning and has already eaten mealworms and drank some water. He is frisky!

Thanks! I'll be ordering from you again in the future!

J.K., West Virginia 12/29/2015

I am really satisfied with the quality of your animals that I am looking to come Hamm show this December 12, bravo. Thank you to your team for geckos in super condition. And thank you to Steve for being present at the Hamm show close to these European customers, I am BTW sorry for not knowing how to speak french to talk with him at that show.

Thank you go on.

Vic Nyssen, Belgium 12/17/2015

Merci à votre équipe, pour ces geckos en super condition. Et merci à steve pour avoir été présent au spectacle de Hamm proche de ces clients européen, je suis d'ailleur désolé de ne pas savoir parler englais pour parler avec lui à ce show.

Encore merci continuer.

Vic Nyssen, Belgium 12/17/15

We received the gecko! It's beautiful and my daughter is beyond excited at its arrival. She is at school now and cannot wait to get home to see it. I know she will call or email with any questions she may have!

Merry Christmas!

B.F. and C.F., Louisiana 12/16/2015

He's just arrived and looks fantastic!!!  THANK YOU. 

K.G., New York 12/16/2015

Hi Jasmine / Steve

The geckos are really great! Jasmine thanks for the advice. Steve was nice meeting you and doing business.

Till next time!

J.J., Netherlands 12/12/2015

I got him & he is absolutely beautiful and so sweet! I'm glad he arrived safe. He is doing well, he's resting up (: thank you so much for everything! 

A.W., Florida 12/10/2015


I have recieved my geckos and they are beautiful and I love them. 

H.B., Massachusetts 12/9/2015


She just arrived and is just fine. We're so happy with her and she is just beautiful, plump and healthy and looks great.

Thank you so much for everything,

J.F. and G.F., Indiana 12/9/2015

Hi Steve,

just returned home and all animals are being settled. They are wonderful! Thank you very much!

L.H., Hong Kong 12/5/2015

Hi Steve,

Just got animals!

All animal has good health. Great quality!!! I am very happy to get these your animals!!

Thank you!

N.T., Japan 12/4/2015

He made it here before 11am and is safe and sound.  Hanging out in the warm hide right now.  He'll figure out that there's a moist hide and a cool hide another time.  ;o)

Thank you for everything!  This couldn't have gone any more smoothly.  You guys get an A+ for customer service!

The Wagner family, Nevada 11/24/2015


Just letting you know my beautiful new boy just got here safe and sound. You were right, he is drop dead gorgeous! We will be looking for some females for him soon. Thank you all so much for such a stunning animal!


R.H., Georgia 11/24/2015


She just came in, She a beautiful big girl! I absolutely love her! Thank you. :)

C.H., Utah 11/24/2015

Hi Steve, 

I got my geckos at today, they really very huge and nice! 

Thank you, 

J.H., Taiwan 11/15/2015

Sir, your geckos is awesome! They arrive safe to my home. Thank you!

H.G., Hong Kong 11/14/2015

They arrived and look great! Thank you!

C.R., Utah 11/12/2015

I just wanted to tell you thank you again, he's amazing! 

E.F., Florida 11/10/2015


Just want to let you know that we received our geckos and they are settling nicely in their terrariums. They are even more beautiful than in the pictures and SO fat! I can tell they were well taken care of! My fiancee and I are very satisfied with our order and will definitely be returning to your site for future orders. 

Thank you for everything!

Kindest Regards,

J.L. and B.M., Missouri 11/10/2015

Hey Jasmine

The geckos arrived today with no problems. They all look great! Thank you again for everything.

B.H., Pennsylvania 10/20/15

Here's me unboxing my female Hognose from you guys. Highly recommend buying anything from these guys!


D.G., New Hampshire 10/7/2015

Hello! The geckos have arrived safely! Everything is wonderful! The are in their homes settled in their caves! 

S.G., Indiana 10/6/2016

The geckos arrived well. They are really beautiful.

N.Z., Germany, 9/28/2015

I received my geckos from Steve this weekend and could not be happier.

D.M., Canada 9/22/2015

Great! Just pickd up the geckos!!! They are AWESOME!!!!

Thx a lot for everything!!

Y.A., Florida 9/18/2015

Received my two afts. They look gorgeous :D

A.H., California 9/17/2015

I received my hognose earlier, and I just have to let you know that she is lovely and very curious and friendly. I'm very pleased with my purchase from you and I'd just like to thank you! I will definitely be telling my friends about you and recommend you to them!

K.H., New York 9/17/2015

Got them and they look great. Thank you very much. 

S.W., Alabama 9/15/2015


I would like to say Thank you so much fort that nice gecko. I really happy with. 

Thank you Very much.

P.G., Germany 9/15/2015

Hi Steve,

I have received your animals and crested geckos. Thank you for sending higher qualities and very good condition animals this time again.

Best regards,

J.H. Japan 9/12/2015

Hello Gecko Etc. team!

I just wanted to give you a quick update about my two girls I purchased from you last week and say thank you for making my purchase practically worry-free. (Although the it seems like it's been a more like a month trying to resist handling them during the acclimation period!)

At first I was a little worried about putting the two females (Pepper and Velvet) together, but within a two days they were sleeping in the same hide. I took this as a good sign. I really found your acclimation sheet helpful as it prevented me from feeling alone in the process of getting the girls appropriately set up. Whenever I had a question I felt like I had an expert right by my side. I covered the glass terrarium walls with black pillowcases for a few days during the daytime hours and removed the covering at night so they could gradually get used to all glass walls. We only use an undertank heating pad since this is less stressful (especially since Velvet is an albino mix). I also found getting a thermostat to be EXTREMELY helpful, since I was waking up often in the middle of the night to ensure the heating pad wasn't getting too hot. Unfortunately, I did find myself having to make a few habitat design adjustments (which I did reluctantly since I didn't want to disturb the girls) after noticing difficult access spots and the addition of a humid hide box. Both Velvet and Pepper have already shed once, but the biggest milestone happen today! Velvet and Pepper both decided to eat in front of me! Velvet ate several mealworms directly from my tongs while Pepper preferred to poke her head out of the hide and eat mealworms I put in front of her on the ground. Before this, I don't think either of the girls had eaten from the mealworms dish since their arrival last Wednesday.  Also, it has become clear both geckos definitely came with their own personalities. Velvet is more outgoing and curious, while Pepper seems more "introverted". Haha With these two differences I am also trying to be very contentious about bullying or dominating the food intake. I am thinking that if both continue to eat from me (the tongs) or in front of me that's a good sign. If their eating habits continue over the next week, I think I'll try to start handling them next weekend (unless you recommend I wait longer).

Thanks again!!

Maria, Pepper, & Velvet, Louisiana 9/4/2015

Good morning,

I just wanted to let you know that the girls arrived safely and are now settling in.  They both look wonderful.  Thank you for all your assistance, Jasmine!

R.G., Massachusetts 9/2/2015

Dear Steve,


Thank you very much for so nice shipment. It was really nice as always. Hope we can deal again soon.

Best Regards,

E.O., Japan 8/28/2015

I just wanted to let u know that the gecko has arrived safe and alive. Thank u so very much. My son was very pleased on how big the gecko is. I will be on contact with u again soon for a female gecko.

G.B., Michigan 8/20/2015

Hi. I recieved my leopard gecko and he far succeeded my expectations.Thank you.


W.J., California 8//7/2015

Hello. I just received my female Rainwater Patternless. She looks beautiful and is adjusting well. I'm very pleased and would like to thank you and again appreciate the support and customer service. I've just started getting back into reptiles after about a 15 year hiatus but had a whole lot and some rare species. Back then, there were a ton of reptile breeders online and while there are many that didn't survive, even where I used to buy from, they aren't as good with personability so really do appreciate the care of shipping, quality and the help I was provided.

Thank you again to everyone there. You all are doing everything right and how it should be and it's appreciated.


W.J., 8/6/2015

I just wanted to give you an update.  All three of the geckos I purchased from you are eating well now and seem established.  I'm very happy with them all, and wanted to thank you.

D.M., Texas 7/28/2015

Jasmine and Steve,

My fat-tail just got here and she is beautiful! She's a little cranky from the trip, but she's taking in all her surroundings and I think she'll be very very happy once she settles in. Thank you so so much for everything! I will definitely be coming back in the future, either for more fat-tails or for any more leos that I get!

E.M., Pennsylvania 7/24/2015

Hello Steve, 

All the geckos are in theirs homes and have eaten and drank something.  They are all remarkable and awesome. 

Thank You :) 

M.H., California 7/20/2015

Hi Steve,

I have received your animals. I am very satisfied this time again as it is excellent conditions and very high quality. Thanks!

Best regards,

J.H., Japan 7/11/2015


I just wanted to write this quick e-mail to thank you for the amazing animals that you produce. Each gecko I have bought from you has not only been beautiful but has had a unique personality to match. I couldn't be happier with the animals I've purchased.

O.A., Massachusetts 7/10/2014

Hello I have received the geckos thank you very much they are beautiful.

J.M., 7/8/2015

Thanks again guys, she's beautiful.

C.L., Pennsylvania 7/8/2015


I just wanted to let you know that I received the girls and they look great! Thank you very much.

K.A., Colorado 7/7/2015

Hi there! 

I just want to let you know they gecko has arrived safely. I'm very happy of how healthy and active he is right after the shipping process. I look forward to buying more geckos from you! 

Thanks very much! 

A.D., Illinois 6/25/2015

Dear Jasmine and Steve, 

I picked up the animals from the booth in Hamm without any problems. I like the Geckos I got a lot and I am very happy with them now. Most of them have eaten already and are doing great.

So all in all I want to say thank you for the friendly and reliable transaction and the nice animals.  Already looking forward to make more business with you in the future.

I wish you and your staff all the best and a succesfull breeding season. 

Kind regards,

J.B., Germany 6/18/2015

Hey Steve and Jasmine,

Just letting you know the gecko arrived safe and sound. Looks better in real life than it did in the picture. Hope to do business with you all again.


W.L., Illinois 6/16/2015

Our Godzilla SUPER GIANT Leopard Geckos, from Geckos Etc. Herpetoculture, have arrived safely (1.0 Tangerine Tremper Albino Het. RAPTOR, 1.0 Tremper Albino Het. Blizzard and 0.1 Tremper Albino Het. Diablo Blanco) Steve Sykes thank you for this beautiful and healthy geckos!

B.F., Croatia 6/14/2015

Hi Steve

I had get all the geckos,They all great. Thank you

S., Hong Kong 5/30/2015

Hi Steve,

Just letting you know we got the geckos safe and sound! Beautiful animals and already eager to breed apparently! Not even an hour in the new home and had a go at it.  Thank you for the wonderful animals! 

M.B., Pennsylvania 5/28/2015


Just wanted to let you know gecko TAF7551 is all settled in and looks great! I will be breeding her with the male I got from you guys as well. I can show you their babies when they hatch if you would like to see! Thanks so much again for both of them :)

C.G., Minnesota 5/25/2015

Thanks again for the beautiful, healthy geckos, they are wonderful! I was very impressed with your ability to provide the parent genetics of each of the geckos and your timely response to each of my questions. Excellent service!


M.B., Colorado 5/20/2015


My leopard geckos just arrived and I am very pleased with the quality of these 3, thank you so much.

Thanks a bunch!

M.B., Colorado 5/20/2015

Hi Steve,

I received your geckos. You were the right person to speak to! BRAVO! I want to order for you next time again. Thanks!


T.K. Japan 5/13/2015

He arrived safe and sound!! What a fat healthy gecko :) Thank you so much. I hope to do business again!

E.M., Maryland 5/12/2015

I just want to thank you again for the gecko. He is absolutely gorgeous, and today I just hatched out two Diablo blancos from him and a female. The baby's are beautiful and it wouldn't have happened if it weren't for this gecko! 

Thanks again!! 

T.G.S., California 5/9/2015

I recently purchased gecko TAM2712 and he is great!! He’s as bright as the pictures and is settling in much faster than the geckos I got from other places. Nice and big and healthy! 

C.G., Minnesota 5/8/2015

Hi Steve,

Thanks for arranging the shipping. I received the animals today. They are all doing well and looking good! 

Anyway, thanks again for your great service and prompt reply.

Kind regards,

S.L., Hong Kong 5/8/2015

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your shipment, wonderful animals!!

W.M., Taiwan 5/8/2015

Hi Steve,

All animals are settled, they are very nice! Thanks a lot.


L., Hong Kong 5/8/2015

Hi Jasmine,

I have received my gecko, it is healthy and safe. Thank your staff for helping me with my shipping difficulties and thank your for a great sales experience.

When this gecko gets lonely and I get another one, you will be the first to know :)

B.E., California 4/29/2015

NF2 arrived today nice and early; tracking said she'd get here at 10:30 but she got here around 9:20. I immediately took her out and checked on her to see how she was. She's incredibly gorgeous and so fat! Thanks again for being an amazing company that delivers high-quality geckos!

M.S., New Jersey 4/28/2015

Hi there,

The geckos have arrived to me safely on 25th April :) thank you very much for such lovely geckos. I hope to add some more to my collection in the future. Thank you very much for your service :)


A., The Fabulous Geckos, Malaysia 4/28/2015

Hey Jasmine! Sorry for taking a few days to get back to you but the geckos arrived safe and sound and they're everything I hoped they would be! 

Thanks again for everything!

S.B., Massachusetts 4/24/2015

I just got my gecko and he's beautiful! Thank you so much! 

L.C., New Jersey 4/23/2015


I will recommend your site to everyone I know :) !! 

S.G., Indiana 4/16/2015

Hi Jasmine,

Just wanted to follow up and let you know that our geckos arrived in perfect condition! They are beautiful and healthy and we VERY much look forward to purchasing from you all again in the future. Thank you so much!! 


K.B., North Carolina 4/9/2015

Wanted to let you guys know he made it alive and well =] Already in love with him!

K.D., Washington 4/7/2015

Hello :) We got the order and they look even better than they did in the pictures on your site! thank you :) Hopefully we will be ordering more from you guys when the time comes! :)

R.S.C., Vernon, Canada 4/3/2015

Good morning,

He has arrived safe and sound and looks even more amazing in person! He's settling into his new home now and doing great. Thank you all so much for such a smooth transaction and such a beautiful animal. Leaving him alone and letting him settle is going to be so hard with how cute he is! I can't thank you guys enough :) can't wait to purchase another animal from you guys again. 

A.F., Tennessee 4/2/2015

Just got my gecko today and I can't believe how huge and beautiful he is, and so active for just arriving! Thank you so much (:

V.B., Michigan 4/1/2015

WOW! Great looking gecko. Thanks for selling quality geckos. My nephew is very happy. I was hesitant on paying $250 dollars for a gecko but it was worth the price.

W.G., Wisconsin 3/24/2015

The gecko came in great condition and she is beautiful and healthy. Thank you very much!

B.H., Alabama 3/24/2015

She arrived this morning and is perfectly safe. Thanks very much! She'll fit in my collection great! 

Thanks again,

L.J., Florida 3/24/2015

I received my order and was very pleased with the quality of the geckos. Gecko Etc. is my number one place to order from. Thank you. 

C.R., North Carolina 3/23/2015

They are safely here. I am happy with these. Much appreciated.

J.P., North Dakota 3/19/2015

He has been received and is absolutely beautiful! Thanks!

Q.Q., New Mexico 3/18/2015


I will thank you for these beautiful animals. Verry good quality! I love your animals.   

I think i'll come to you soon if I will want more aft!!! 

Best regards,

M.V., France 3/16/2015 

I just wanted to say I got the 70 gram male eclipse ( King, who actually weighed 90 grams when he got here!!!) and a 69 gram female APTOR and they are HUGE!! I've never seen healthier geckos before in my life , I love your customer service and the amazing care you put into your animals. I 100% guarantee future purchases. I promise to give them both a great home :)

J.W., New York 3/15/2015

Just received BLM1 now named Onyx about an hour ago, hes so big! I love it! Pictures did not do his size or color justice! Thank you guys so much i will contact you if i have any questions or concerns

Thanks so much,

F.L., Washington 3/13/2015


Just got our little fat tail. She's wonderful!  She's lively and warming up to the environment very quickly. Her colors are awesome, she seems to be very healthy. We're both so excited to have her!

Customer service was fantastic; I was helped through the entire process and all my questions were answered in a very timely manner. Definitely a satisfied customer, and we'll certainly be returning to the site in the future for more adorable little geckos! 

Thanks again!

L.B., 3/11/2015

She finally made it. Thank you very much! She is as nice as I had hoped:)

L.D., Michigan 3/11/2015

Everyone arrived safe and sound. They're beautiful!  GSRPM1 is HUGE!!! Thank you!

A.M., Pennsylvania 3/11/2015

I FINALLY GOT HIM AND HE'S PERFECT! I am totally enthralled with  my beautiful baby! THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH, YOU ARE THE BEST!

Thousand Thank You's,

M.H., Maryland 3/6/2015

Omg thank you so much!! I just got them and there all amazing!!! If  I ever need more geckos I am definitely ordering from here again and telling all my friends about it!

T.J., New Jersey 3/4/2015

Hey Jasmine,

Just wanted to tell you my Gecko came in safe and sound. I really impressed with the quality. She is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for the great deal. I'll be sure to buy again in the near future.

Thanks, D.V.G., Florida 3/3/2015

Hi Steve, 

I bought my Super Hypo Tangerine Carrot Tail Leopard Gecko from you happily, in 2008. Thornton is happy beautiful and and healthy.  He's been a great pet, and I couldn't ask for more.   Best pet I ever had! 

So, Steve, thank you for my Thornton, I love him dearly. Steve Sykes the Reptile/Amphibian guru the omniscient one. 

Take care Steve.

M.H., California 2/25/2015

Hi Jasmine,

I received my beautiful girl this morning before 10am. She is alive and doing well. Thank you again!!

E.S., California 2/17/2015

Hi Steve,

I have received your animals. It is Very nice conditions and awesome qualities! I am so glad to deal with you! Thanks!

Best regards.

J., Japan 2/13/2015

Just got my geckos today. They look absolutely beautiful and healthy. Thank you guys so much. 5 stars. Very satisfied.

Thank you,

C.C., New Mexico 2/11/2015

I just received thd leo, she is looking great and didn't realize how big she actually is! Thanks so much. You were very helpful and made this process easy for me. I look forward to doing business with you again in the near future. 

H.C., Nebraska 2/11/2015


Sorry I haven’t written you already to let you know that our gecko arrived warm and safe and healthy. He is absolutely gorgeous!

M.W., New Mexico 1/30/2015

Thank you for all the help. She is getting used to her new home and she arrived safely.  She is the coolest Leopard Gecko I have, and I'm growing very impatient for the breeding Season to start. 

G.M., Idaho 1/24/2015


She's so beautiful in person! Super impressed, she's so sweet, I love her! Sending pictures to you later on :-) . She was packaged amazing and arrived in perfect condition! 

W.D., Arkansas 1/22/2015

Hey Steve,

Just thought you would like to know that the geckos arrived safe and sound. They look amazing! Thanks!

I.C., Virginia 1/22/2015

New to the gecko world and got my first Leopard Gecko from a pet store and fell in love, so I checked out a few websites (didn't know people shipped them). I ran across Geckos Etc. website and was wowed by how much information they give you about the gecko including pricing which some websites didn't. I ordered one Blizzard Enigma but couldn't stay off the site and ended up with two more leopard geckos (Bell Albino and Super Hypo Tangerine Carrot Tail) you can definitely tell the difference between these well developed HUGE GECKOS I got from Steve compared to my poor little pet shop leo. They were huge and bright and so calm! Geckos Etc. emailed me through the process and even called me to tell me about enigma syndrome. Definitely coming back for more. This was a great experience and I'm super happy with my new babies. Thank you Geckos Etc.

M.D., Ohio 1/20/2015

Hi Jasmine,

We received the gecko a few hours ago.  Thanks again for another quick process.  Tell Steve it was a pleasure meeting him in Pomona for me.  I didn't have much opportunity asking him some questions I had, he had his hands full at the time...

Thanks again,

L.L., California 1/20/2015


Received the geckos today and boy am I happy! That male is BLAZING! Thank you so much for everything!

K.K., Michigan 1/20/2015

Gecko received... looks great, alert, nice and plump guy. Letting him get to room temp before he gets his quarantine home. Thanks again!!!!

M.B., Connecticut 1/20/2015

Just letting you know she arrived happy and healthy thank you again!

B.H., Wisconsin 1/17/2015

Hey Jasmine,

We got the shipment yesterday and they look gorgeous! So, thank you once again. We're very pleased. Expect more purchases from us down the road. Cause of coarse we'll be wanting a few more. Haha

Thanks again,

J.B., Arizona 1/15/2014

She is absolutely gorgeous!! Thanks again for all of your help- I'm sure I will be in touch again soon :)


M and B, California 1/14/2015

Geckos arrived in great shape...and they are awesome!! Thanks so much.

P.A., Georgia 1/6/2015

He got here safe and is sooo cute! Thank you for all the help during this process! I am one satisfied customer!

K.C., California 1/3/2015