What Our Customers are Saying

Below are some comments our customers are saying about us and our geckos. If you have a comment that you would like to share about our geckos or customer service, please email it to us. Here is the link to send us an email: Email Link

Thanks to everyone for your continued support!

Thank you so much for the amazing gecko! He arrived in great condition and with lots of energy. He is very curious and is exploring his tank quite a bit.

Thank you so much for your help!

R.M., California 1/8/2021

I received "The Mighty Thor" at 10:25 this morning and he seems in good spirits. The heat pack you put in was still warm and the package was in great shape.

W.L., Alabama 1/6/2021

Hello I am just emailing to let you know that the snake has arrived live and healthy thank you so much for selling her to us. Have a great day.

T.C., Nevada 1/6/2021

My hoggie has arrived and made it safe and is beautiful!! Thank you so much!!

S.L., Florida 1/6/2021

Good afternoon,

Wanted to let you know that the rainwater male just showed up and he seems to be no worse for wear! We were getting nervous due to how long it was taking, but he ended up being driven in a warm enclosed vehicle so he is still toasty!

Thank you again, he's gorgeous!

K.V., Oregon 1/5/2021


The snake arrived this morning in great shape.  Thanks for everything.

K.W., Michigan 1/5/2021

I received her. She is definitely a lot prettier and bigger in person. I'm excited to be working with her. And thank you for the additional info that she came with. I definitely appreciate it.

D.E., Pennsylvania 1/5/2021

We have received him and he looks great!  Thanks for all your help.  We plan to leave him alone for now and will introduce some crickets and mealworms later on today.

S.M., Illinois 1/5/2021

Hi Jessica just wanted to say that all the geckos made it and look great! Thanks again! Thanks!

B.K., Illinois 12/31/2020

Hello! Just wanted to let you know my Gecko arrived safe and sound! He is beautiful, and HUGE, my other boy is only about 5 months and 56 grams so I was in awe when I saw the size of this one! Thank you for making my first experience buying from a breeder online so amazing, I'll definitely be coming to you in the future if I decide to get another little Leo!

L.C., North Carolina 12/31/2020

Good afternoon. Just wanted to say thanks for providing my daughter with her beautiful healthy new pet. She named her “Yogurt “ 😁.

Thank you so much!!

K.S., California 12/28/2020


Just want to let you know she arrived and is sitting at room temp for now but seems healthy and active. Thank you!  

M.C., New Mexico 12/17/2020

Thank you my Gecko arrived alive and well ! 

B.K., California 12/17/2020

I just got my gecko. He is doing excellent. He looks tip top. No issues, not cold. He was packaged perfect. 

K.O., Oregon 12/17/2020

Hi Steve!

Thank you for shipment! I received yesterday evening. ALL animals were very good condition!! Thank you for great shipment always!!!

Best Regards,

M.N., Japan 12/11/2020

 I just received her! She arrived alive and healthy!

M.H. Michigan 12/10/2020

He is here! thank you so much! He is beautiful!!

E.H., Missouri 12/9/2020

She has arrived. She is perfect, thank you so much. 

G.S., Minnesota 12/9/2020

I just got her, she's gorgeous!!! She really is better in person! Thank you so much!!

C.S., Illinois 12/8/2020

He has arrived safe. Poor guy was terrified lol. He looks super healthy. Really high quality animal, and i am super happy with him.

N.M., Arizona 12/2/2020

Thanks again. Always love getting geckos from you. 

J.A., New Jersey 12/2/2020

Good morning!

Just wanted to let you know that she arrived safe (albeit a little chilly!) And is now cozying up on a heating pad to get her back up to temperature. She looks great! Thank you so much, she is wonderful.

With thanks,

K.V., Oregon 12/2/2020

Just wanted to let you know she made it here safe and sound. Thanks again, she is beautiful.

W.R., Georgia 12/1/2020

Dear Steve.

Hello, Thank you for the shipment today. I received your shipment this morning. They are perfect as always. Fat tails are also doing good! Thank you.

Best Regards,

E., Japan 11/27/2020

Hi Steve,

I got shipment. No DOA. Thanks again for a perfect job!

T., Japan 11/26/2020

Hello Kendall.....the geckos arrived safely and in good health.

R.G., Georgia 11/19/2020

We are extremely happy with the personality of ANA****.She is incredibly friendly and easy to handle. 

S.B. Florida 11/13/2020

Hello again,

Just wanted to mail and let you know that the knob tail arrived safe and sound the other day, he's already shed and gotten some water to rehydrate. I'm very happy with him, as I am whenever I get a new gecko from your company! Thank you!

J.C., Maine 11/12/2020

She came in nice and warm, packaged very well, and she is so stunning! I could hardly keep my eyes of her. Thank you so much!

N.B., 11/12/2020

Hello just wanted to say thank you so much! He has arrived and is doing great! He shed in his container so that was a surprise to see. 

T.C., Indiana 11/11/2020

Alright thank you! He came today! He's a little tired but he doesn't look stressed and he looks healthy! Thank you!

C.D., Michigan 11/11/2020


I meant to message you yesterday... we received our sweet Noodle boy safe and sound yesterday! Thank you so much he is so sweet ❤

A.P., Virginia 11/5/2020


They all look great! Thank you guys so much! They all look amazing. The male is a bit grumpy but I’m sure once he settles in he will be good. 😂 So excited to add them to my projects next year! Beautiful animals as always 😊

K.C., 11/4/2020

He's here safe and sound! He is absolutely perfect. He looks so healthy and gorgeous. I am so excited. Thank you very, very, very much.

N.C., Arkansas 11/3/2020

They just made it and look fat and happy! Thank you!

K.V., Washington 11/3/2020

All snakes came in doing fantastic!! Thank you for all the help!!!

R.T., Nebraska 10/29/2020

Thank you for answering all my questions, she came in calm and happy. She looks absolutely beautiful! I can’t thank you enough for great customer service and great packaging. Definitely will be doing more business with you guys in the future!

N.B., Tennessee 10/24/2020

She just arrived & my wife loves her! Thank you guys so much! 

P.H., Tennessee 9/29/2020

Hi Kendall!

I love my geckos! Thank you so much for all of your help! They are truly phenomenal :))))


S.G., 9/22/2020

Thank you so much for my new leo! He came fat and healthy still even after shipping and it only took a day for him to become comfortable being held/crawling on me. Very friendly and healthy gecko and he's definitely the most beautiful I've ever seen in person. Will definitely buy from again in the future, thanks again!!

D.L., California 9/17/2020

Just wanted to let you know that nftm*** (new name pascel) has arrived and is doing great.

A.M., South Carolina 9/17/2020

Package just arrived he looks wonderful thank you so much! 

Z.L., California 9/17/2020

They're here and absolutely gorgeous 🤩 Super friendly girls all went into their enclosures and found the heat spots already!

C.G., California 9/17/2020

Good afternoon,

I picked up the geckos this morning and they look great!

Thank you.

S.T., 9/16/2020

He came right around 10:30. He’s in his enclosure now, and I honestly cannot believe how big he is.. wow! I’ve honestly never seen a gecko so big lol he’s amazing. 

D.J., Rhode Island 9/15/2020

Thanks for the leo! Great looking lizard! 

T.H., California 9/15/2020


Just a quick email to let you know he arrived safely this morning. Thank you so much! 

S., Kentucky 9/15/2020


Fyi:the gecko just arrived safely. Thank you very much for the awesome gecko and service!

Thank you,

K.G., Germany 9/15/2020

Hi Steve! Thanks for the really nice cinctus! Stunner 🙂 !

F.S., Netherlands 9/14/2020

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that the geckos arrived safely at my home. Awesome  little geckos.:-)


S.S., 9/12/2020

Hello, I have received the gecko and it is in perfect condition. Thank you and I look forward to buying more geckos from GeckosEtc. Thanks.

N.W., 9/10/2020

He just arrived about an hour ago!! My kids were soooo excited!! He is adorable and seems to be just fine. Thank you so so much for your communication and help.Thank you again for everything! Lots of fun today:)

A.M., California 9/10/2020

They arrived healthy this morning and are settling in to their new homes.


C.A., Connecticut 9/4/2020


I am excited to say that TCHM155 arrived safely. I am extremely pleased with him and look forward to seeing what he produces with my female. 


E.S., California 9/2/2020

Hi - the geckos arrived safely a little while after I sent the last email.  They all look terrific and are doing well.  Thanks so much, and i'm sure we will be getting more.

All the best!!

J.O., Colorado 9/2/2020

Hi there,

I just wanted to let you know that my little guy arrived today safe and sound. He's very alert and active. Thank you so much for everything again!

K.W., New York 9/2/2020

Spud has arrived safely! He’s absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for all your help through this process. I will definitely recommend you guys to anyone interested in snakes and geckos! 

K.C., Massachusetts 9/1/2020

The white and yellow gecko arrived safe and sound. She’s beautiful!

T., Florida 9/1/2020

I just wanted to let you know she arrived safe and sound today! She’s settling in well, and looks amazing!  Thank you so much!!

A.L., North Carolina 8/27/2020

Hi Steve,

We received them yesterday! They are all in very good condition. Thank you so much and we hope to cooperate with you again soon!


M., Japan 8/17/2020

Just wanted to let you he arrived safely! Thanks for the care in packaging! 


E.B., Texas 8/14/2020

Good afternoon!

He has arrived and seems to be doing well, not a shy boy at all! Thank you guys so much, he is perfect! 🖤

A.B., Alabama 8/13/2020

He arrived safely in the mail. Breathing well, didn't play dead or musked, no injury, and will say he is unbelievably gorgeous up close in-person. Thank you so much for the hognose, and looking forward to buying others from you in the near future.

S.M., California 8/4/2020

He arrived safe and sound!! He’s an absolute darling. I love him. 

B.T., South Carolina 8/4/2020

I wanted to let you know he is here and settling in to his quarantine tank. He's more beautiful in person. Thanks again for everything. I'm sure this is just the first of many we will be getting from you guys. 

B.R., Wisconsin 7/30/2020

I picked him up and he is perfect. Thank you!

M.N., Arizona 7/30/2020

Just got her in! Thank you so much for everything. :) She's awesome. Extremely satisfied. Can't wait to get another from y'all.

C.K., Louisiana 7/29/2020

Our Leo arrived safe and sound and is a very active fellow. We love his vibrant colors and docile nature. Thank you so much!!!

D.H., Michigan 7/29/2020

The little guy made it in safe and healthy and he is beautiful. Thank you very much and I will be writing a good review for you once i get off of work. I forgot to mention the female also made it in and her colors are amazing thanks for everything.


J.R., Louisiana 7/29/2020

I received the snakes safe and sound! They look great!

Thank you so much!

A.W., California 7/21/2020


Thank you I received the gecko. He's so nice and he was so ready to get out of the cup! Great doing business with you once again.

M.P., California 7/15/2020

She has arrived healthy and safe. She is already wandering wandering the enclosure I have for her. She is really really big 

J.B., Colorado 7/7/2020


My snake arrived safe and sound! Thanks so much for making the process so easy. I'm so excited! He seems to be loving his new home. You guys are the best!


A.D., California 7/2/2020


Thanks for all your help. The fat tails are doing great in their new homes. And they look amazing too.

A.V., Minnesota 7/2/2020

Well the geckos arrived on time. They all look better in person especially the male Black Night, I absolutely love him. Girlfriend and I are just amazed at how big the gecko is. He’s truly awesome especially since he isn’t a super giant. Can’t wait to order again.

R.S., Florida 7/1/2020

She made it safe and sound and she is big and beautiful and healthy and probably the most gorgeous barking gecko I’ve ever seen.

C.M., California 6/30/2020

Gecko arrived healthy and was instantly out and exploring his new home. Very friendly! Fast shipping with no issues, little guy arrived and hopped out of his cup right away. We are in love with this beautiful gecko!!

 Thank you so much!!

 Tom and Aitza, New Jersey 6/30/2020

She arrived safely, absolutely in love with this little chunky monkey. She clearly has not missed any meals! I purchased her because I thought she’d be an excellent match to the extreme red pair I already had, turns out her color is even nicer than theirs! Very satisfied!! 

Thanks again! 

E.H., Michigan 6/30/2020

Dear Steve,

Thank you for the shipment today, and they are really nice. Perfect as always, and let me try to sell them fast, and hope I can place an another order soon.

Thank you again!

Best Regards,

E.O., Japan 6/26/2020

Hi Kendall,

She arrived!  Thank you so much.  She was feisty and healthy, and absolutely beautiful.  She was fine with a bit of handling, and is now settled in her new enclosure for a period of quarantine from our male snake.  

Thanks again!

All the best,

K.B., Canada 6/19/2020

Hello Kendall,

The new snake arrived and is settling into her new home. She is a very pretty snake, much more stunning in person than in pictures.

Thank you so much,

A.S., Maryland 6/18/2020

I purchased two geckos from you 4 years ago and love them. Their temperaments are beyond amazing and they are in great health. You guys do an awesome job! 

J.O., California 6/17/2020

Just wanted to follow up and say thank you for the beautiful snake! He was so nice and calm when we went to move him to his new home and has been super active with tunneling around.

I appreciate all the help and thank you again for the wonderful animal.

J.S., Pennsylvania 6/12/2020

Thank you so much, my Oreo Fat Tailed gecko just arrived. Beautiful and healthy.

Once again, thank you so much and I will definitely be buying from y'all again in the future. 

P.T., Georgia 6/11/2020

They arrived this morning looking alert and healthy!  Thank you!!

B.R., Texas 6/11/2020

Hey guys I just wanted you to know the arctic female hognose you shipped arrived safely yesterday and happily came out of the deli cup.   She went straight into blue this morning.  Thanks so much for my little girl!

So happy with this little girl,

P.C., California 6/10/2020

Got the snake yesterday all happy and healthy thank u again!!

T.M., New York 6/4/2020

I just put her in her enclosure. Thank you so much! I absolutely love her. She’s beautiful. 

S.A., Illinois 6/3/2020

Just received them all is good they’re nice and feisty the way I like them! Thank you so much and I definitely will be ordering from you again!! 

P.Z., New Jersey 6/3/2020

She came in this morning and my goodness, she is so much prettier in person! Thank you so much, I am so flipping happy!! 

C.F., Minnesota 6/2/2020

Hi there 

I have picked up geckos today. Those are great and in good condition.

Best Regards.

T.T., California 6/2/2020

I just received the hognose, and it was even cooler in person.

Z.K., Michigan 6/2/2020

The little hognose arrived just fine and is doing great! Thanks so much!

J.T., Texas 6/2/2020


He arrived safely, thankfully. Beautifully packaged. He’s so cute and so sweet! Thank you!

D.C., North Carolina 5/22/2020

Hey! I just wanted to reach out and let you know our little hoggie is settled in wonderfully. He is curious and explores everything and seems to like to be held. We’re still taking that slow though. He’s eaten and did well! Thanks for a wonderful boy! I’ve already recommended you to my hognose snake group! 

PS- we named him “Noodle”. :)

M.V., Texas 5/20/2020

Hi Kendall

I got my Gorgeous Snake!!!! I’m so in love!!!! I’m looking for the same type but a female.


J.C., New York 5/19/2020

​Just got my shipment today! Extreme Red Super anaconda! She’s absolutely stunning! And looks to be in fantastic health! The Geckos Etc team were very understanding and patient as I picked out hognose! Well packaged, great communication and even more an overall obvious love for their reptiles! I can’t thank you enough! I look forward to doing more business with you in the future!

J.A., Massachusetts 5/19/20

Thank you so much!  I just got the Gecko this morning!  She is in perfect shape.  Thank you!

J.W., Texas 5/19/2020

I received my female hognose In perfect condition today! Thank you very much! 

Thanks again!

C.L., California 5/19/2020

Hi. I recently bought an African fat tail gecko from you guys last month. I just wanted to let you know he's doing amazing. He's feeding on crickets and absolutely loves them. I named him Mochi and he's adorable. Very polite and docile. He handles very well too. Thank y'all for sending me such a healthy gecko to enjoy. 

E.M., Texas 5/17/2020

Hi Steve,

The shipment have received today. All animals are very good condition and beautiful as always! I'll order again near future! Thank you very much!!


J.H., Japan 5/15/2020

I just got a hognose snake for my wife we love it great service packaged very well. Answered all my questions when I called. Would definitely buy from them again. I strongly recommend them great experience. Animal was really healthy looking beautiful exactly what we wanted thank you guy's best first experience from ordering from a breeder online.

W.S., Utah 5/10/2020

Good morning! Just wanted to touch base again to say thanks; I did receive the girl Tuesday as expected, and she's settling right in. She seems to be extremely calm and laid-back from what I expected with a hognose. She's just finished her first meal here this morning. She's also absolutely gorgeous. Thanks again for everything! Will definitely think of you in the future if we find a need for more reptiles around the house. :-)

T.H., Kansas 5/9/2020

All are alive and well. Thankyou for some great geckos,

M.W., Georgia 5/6/2020

He has arrived safe and sound - absolutely gorgeous. 

S.L., Virginia 4/30/2020

They just arrived and I got then opened up and settled in. They both look great. Thank you so much.

G.B., Pennsylvania 4/30/2020

Hi Kendall, She arrived safe and sound this morning and looks great! She’s exploring her new home. 

Thanks again for all of your help,

N.H., Texas 4/29/2020


He arrived a little bit ago this afternoon in great condition and health! Thank you so very much!

J.A., Michigan 4/29/2020

Hi Kendall.  I received them and they are spectacular!  Just lovely.  Thank you so much for them!

Take care, 

L.P. Minnesota 4/28/2020


This beautiful animal is at my house, intact and healthy, acclimating to his new enclosure.

Thank you for the sale,

J.H., Texas 4/23/2020

Thank you, Kendall.  We received our gecko earlier today.  He is a big boy!  We love him already.  

V.H., Maryland 4/23/2020

I got the package! She looks great!

A.W., Georgia 4/23/2020


Just wanted to update and say all three arrived safely and they look stunning! Super pleased with these babies!

K.W., Kentucky 4/22/2020

Came in happy and healthy thank you again.

J.D., Ohio 4/22/2020

The gecko arrived safe and sound and looks great! 

D.Y., Massachusetts 4/21/2020

Hello. The geckos I got from you guys are doing amazing. Planning on ordering more this summer.

C.H., Missouri 4/17/2020


The gecko arrived safely today and seems happy and healthy. He's even prettier than his photo. Thank you!

E.F., Washington 4/16/2020

Good morning,

I received the hognose this morning. She is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much!

B.W., Pennsylvania 4/16/2020

​Hi Mr. Sykes.

Thank you for your shipment. I received all reptiles. It is very good quality and health.

T.I., Japan 4/11/2020


All is well with my Bold Jungle Sriped Snow Gecko that I names Stella.  She actually just produced 2 eggs for me this morning with my male Super Snow.  Hopefully I'll be in luck with her.  Shes doing great.  Just wanted to show you and say thank you for the beautiful gecko. 

B.B., Pennsylvania 4/11/2020

She's doing amazingly--she ate her first meal yesterday with no issues, and I'm really happy with her. Thank you so much for working with me in purchasing her!


E.A., California 4/8/2020

Hi there, 

Just wanted to let you know she arrived safely, and she looks great! 

L.K., Massachusetts 4/8/2020

I picked up the geckos and have unboxed them and they are settling in to their quarantine homes. They all arrived alive and well. Thank you for your excellent customer service. 

Stay Healthy! 

N.K., Washington 4/7/2020

Our little gal just arrived safe and sound and we are over the moon happy to meet her. She is gorgeous and sweet and huffy puffy - all the things I expect from a hognose! Thanks so much! 

A.V., Washington D.C. 4/7/2020

We received our gecko and he’s beautiful!

C.P., Texas 4/2/2020

We received him in great condition! Thank you!

L.Y., Missouri 4/1/2020

Hi All,

Just letting you know that HPFTM331 has arrived safe and sound and looks better in person than in the photo. As per your recommendation I’m going to leave him in his cage in a dark room for a couple days with minimal interruptions just to check on heat and humidity. I send a pic when he gets acclimated to his new home.

Thanks, it was great doing business with you guys again.

W.L., Illinois 3/31/2020

The gecko arrived safely. She looks great!

M.S., Florida 3/31/2020

Hi Steve.

This shipment is great! No DOA!

Thanks for good job!

Best Regards,

T.S., Japan 3/27/2020

Hi, Steve!

I just received lizards. I am really grateful and I am very satisfied with the quality of the lizards. Thank you Steve! Also, when you come to Japan for an event, let's meet once! Thank you in the future.

M.K., Japan 3/27/2020

Would like to thank you for this gorgeous snake! I'm very happy and will definitely leave you a great review, thanks again!

E.F., Kentucky 3/26/2020

Hi Steve,

I received the shipment this morning. All animals are very good condition and great quality as always! 

J.H., Japan 3/13/2020

My hognoses came today, and they look better than the pictures! Seem to be very healthy animals!

L.S., Florida 3/12/2020


The sweet boy arrived today and he looks great!

Thanks so much!

A.K., Washington 3/10/2020


The female arrived safely.  She's beautiful. 

Thank you very much.

R.W., California 3/6/2020

One of the reasons I like getting geckos from you apart from overall very good quality is size, yours always have very good size on them.

T.N., Netherlands 3/4/2020

He arrived in perfect condition. Very happy with him. 

C.H., Arkansas 3/3/2020

Picked them up and they look great and are setup getting settled in! Will definitely be back for more as I watch your ads! 

Thanks again! 

N.S., Colorado 3/3/2020

Arrived -  all looks great!  Thanks again.

M.W., New York 3/3/2020


I just wanted to confirm that I did pick up the snakes and they both look really good.  Great colors and both were very active in their cups. Thanks again for everything. 

B.B., Virginia 2/26/2020

I bought a hognose snake from you at the reptile show in January and he is doing so good! He is an amazing eater, I could not be any happier (: Thank you for producing such awesome animals!

E.T., California 2/18/2020

Hi Kendall,

She arrived safe and sound and looks great. Thanks for all your help!

V.L., Nebraska 2/18/2020

Dear Mr.Sykes,

Thnak you for shipment. All animals were fine good! Thank you!

N., Japan 2/14/2020

Dear Steve,


Thank you for the shipment. They are nice as always. Thank you so much.

Thank you for the shipment !!

Best Regards,

E.O., Japan 2/15/2020

I'm happy to let you guys know that he arrived safely and is adjusting well to his new home. He's a great looking lizard.

B.S., Oregon 2/12/2020

He's arrived safely and been moved into his new cage! We've decided to name him Silver and he's settling in quite well!

C.S., Georgia 2/5/2020

The male toffee belly arrived this morning!!   He was active upon arrival.  67 degrees was his temp.   Very pleased with him.   Hopefully the lady hoggies think so too!

L.T., Pennsylvania 1/28/2020

Hello Mr Steve!

I received all animals with very good condition! Thank you very much!!!!

All geckos are so beautiful and healthy, my staff was surprised when he meet black night because its great !!!

Thank you and best regards.

T.H., Japan 1/25/2020

Thank you!

Hello again!

Received my beautiful baby boy today. Thank you so much! You guys have been awesome and my little guy is amazing too! I named him Pugsley :)

K.H., California 1/22/2020

I just got him, he's beautiful. Thank you so much!

E.D., Nevada 1/21/2020

I got her and she's PERFECT! I'm in love with her, thank you!

A.H., Texas 1/21/2020

Hi, I receive the geckos. Very nice! They are awesome! Thanks a lot! It is a good experience for this order.

G.H., Taiwan 1/9/2020

Hey guys,

Just want to let you know that he arrived safe and he looks great. And has some nice size on him too ;) Great packaging  ..... it was still 82° in the box. Thanks for all your hard work, communication,  tracking the weather, packaging and shipping etc. He is going to be a great addition to my collection.  I need him for my Hybino project.

Thanks again,

M.M., Massachusetts 1/8/2020

I've received the gecko, she is alive and well! Thank you kindly! She's prettier then what the pictures show also I greatly appreciate the information on the adjustment process!

D.S., Montana 1/7/2020


The snake arrived this morning safe and sound. Everything looks great. Thank you so much. 

J.H., Pennsylvania 1/7/2020

Hi Kendall,

I got her! She's safe and healthy - thank you so much for making this process smooth!

Again, thank you!!!

M.C., California 1/7/2020

Animals are installed. They eat well, two have shed out, and they look awsome. Truly high quality animals. Thnx for letting me buy them. We are really impressed. Both me and they guy who picked them up will most deff contact you in the future if we need more Leos.

F.O., Norway 12/18/2019

They arrived yesterday alive and healthy. Was worried because of low temperatures here but your packaging is perfect. We followed your enclosed instructions for adjustment period  Thanks

L.C., Texas 12/18/2019

Just wanted to let you know I have got the baby and he is gorgeous and seems like he’s doin alright! Thank you so much! 

He’s already coming out and seems very curious. 

Thank you!!

M.M., Washington 12/17/2019

Received a great, high quality animal and they have great customer service. Highly recommend!

S.B., Georgia 12/14/2019


He arrived today. I was extremely satisfied with him. He is a very docile boy. I love how good of shape he’s in. You can definitely tell he was well taken care of. I've decided to call him Ice-Capades due to his morph coloring and his smaller size. He reminds me of an ice skater.Thank you for all your help!

L.W., Virginia 12/10/2019

Thank you! He arrived safely and looks healthy.

C.W., Florida 12/10/2019


I received the gecko this morning. She arrived safely and looks great. Thank you!

K.T., New York 12/10/2019

Wanted to let you know he arrived and is as sweet and cute as can be! Thanks again for this guy!!

S.B., Georgia 12/10/2019

Hi Steve!

I had arrived the geckos today,they all looks good,thank you。

F., Hong Kong 12/7/2019


Thanks to you, the animals are well received. I commend you for the perfect packaging. If the opportunity comes up again, I will proceed with another shipment to Korea!

K.K., South Korea 12/6/2019

Hello! My boy arrived on time and his heat pack was still warm. He looks great! We're excited to add him to our breeding projects. 

Thank you so much!

S.C., Texas 12/4/2019

Hi there!

He arrived safe and sound. He’s settling in nicely, very friendly... but doesn’t seem to understand how big he is (tries squeezing into awkwardly small spaces, lol). He’s another sweetheart, thanks for making his shipment work out!

L.C., Michigan 12/3/2019

Hi Geckos Etc,

They arrived in perfect shape nice n warm.  Thank you soooo much.

L.V., Iowa 12/3/2019


I picked her up and she is all healthy and happy! I will keep an eye on her for the next few days and let you know if there are any problems. 

Thank you so much for supplying me with a beautiful new pet! She is perfect!

Thanks very much,

E.S., Oklahoma 11/29/2019

He’s here safe and sound. I’m ecstatic, thank you so much! He’s precious. I’d definitely buy from you guys again. Hope you have an amazing holiday season!


A.M.O. Michigan 11/29/19

Dear Kendall.

The geckos arrived in perfect condition. The colors are great, the males are huge. Thank you Kendall again for the great coustomer care and the great service. Thank you again, you are a great person, thank you.

K.S., Florida 11/19/2019

Hi, Kendall!

Our gecko arrived yesterday and she looks great!  She is adorable! 

J.D., Texas 11/15/2019

Hi Kendall!

I wanted to say thank you for all of your help and prompt responses. I am very happy with the three leos I picked up from you all this weekend.  Thanks once again!

S.G., California 11/4/2019


The Geckos arrived in perfect condition and they are wonderful!  Thank you!


I.C., Virginia 10/30/2018

I received my Gecko and he looks amazing! Thank you very much, I am very satisfied and happy to have bought from you. I will definitely be ordering again in the future.

C.G., Oregon 10/10/19


He arrived today and looks great! Thanks again for everything I’ll definitely will be returning again soon for another gecko. Special thanks to you for always helping me. I greatly appreciate you Kendall! Have a great day!

S.L., Pennsylvania 9/12/2019

We got her, she's alive and well. Shes absolutely gorgeous, fell in love the minute we saw her. Thank you very much 

C.S., Michigan 9/12/2019

Got my boy safe and sound. He looks fantastic. Thanks again.

R.H., California 9/5/2019

Dear Steve,

Thanks for the shipment yesterday. It was all perfect as always. Hope I can order another shipment soon.!!


Best Regards,

E.O., Japan 8/31/2019

The geckos arrived this morning looking healthy and relaxed. They have settled in and are responding great. I appreciate the top notch service, and thank you for your time. 

B.I, Arkansas 8/21/2019

Hi Kendall.

Just wanted to let you know he has arrived and is all good and well. Thank you very much, he is a stunning specimen. I look forward to doing business again in the future. 

J.B., Arkansas 7/10/2019

Dear Steve,

Hello, Thank you for the shipment today. All the animals were in good shape and I am happy to receive this shipment. Thanks a lot! 

Best Regards,

E.O., Japan 7/5/2019

Hi Steve.

All animals great condition & no DOA.

Thanks for your good job!

T.S., Japan 6/29/2019

I just got the package! He is beautiful and appears healthy. He's currently exploring his new enclosure and getting his bearings. Thank you so much for not only sending him, but also for holding him for as long as you did!

Thank you so much again!

L.L., Connecticut 6/25/2018


Thank you very much for the shipment today. It was in really good conditions as always. I am happy to receive this shipment. Thank you for the shipment today!!!

Best Regards,

E.O., Japan 6/22/2019

Hi there,

Just wanted to check in and let you know she arrived safely this morning, and she looks beautiful. Thank you so much.

Thank you again!

K.L., Pennsylvania 6/18/2019


I received my gecko and he is perfect! 

A.P., Nevada 6/18/2019

Hi there,

Just wanted to check in and let you know she arrived safely this morning, and she looks beautiful. Thank you so much.

Thank you again!

K.L., Pennsylvania 6/18/2019

He arrived safe and sound he is a beautiful gecko thank you so much for working with me. 

L.E., Michigan 6/14/2019

Hi Steve, 

They arrived today. Very beautiful. Thanks. 

Viele Grüße 

A.L., Germany 6/4/2019

Dear Kendall, Steve, or Jasmine,

Every animal arrived perfect thank you. Thank you again for great service and quality. Great reptiles thank you again.

K.S., Florida 5/29/2019

Hi Kendall!

Just received her.  She’s awesome!  I put her in her cage and she immediately went underground.  I’m just gonna leave her alone for a few days. 

Anyway, she is a very beautiful snake.  Worth every penny!  

Thank you for all your help in choosing her and advising us.  Fair warning, I will probably have many more questions for you at some point.  Lol.

Take care.

P.G., Alabama 5/29/2019

Hi just want to say thanks again. The snake arrived safely and appears to be in good condition. Geckos Etc. produce some great animals. 

A.B., Canada 5/27/2019


Wanted to let you all know that NFTM arrived safe and sound. He's beautiful! He's exploring his new viv. He's in a quiet room by himself and we'll monitor him and reach out if we have any concerns or questions. 

Thanks so much :)

R.K., Georgia 5/21/2019

Thank you for the beautiful snake. I will buy a female albino in the future from you too. 

D.P., Oregon 5/17/2019


I have received my gecko and he looks great! 

Thank you so much,

K.E., North Carolina 5/14/2019

Dear Steve.

Thank you for the shipment today. It was perfect as always! Thanks.

Hope we can deal again soon!

Best regards,

E.O. Japan 5/11/2019

Made it safely yesterday. He is phenomenal! Another win from Geckos Etc.

J.M., Washington 5/10/2018

She arrived this morning alive and well! And absolutely gorgeous❤❤❤ Thank you so much!

V.R., Texas 5/8/2019

She arrived safe thank you for your excellent service 

K.C., Arizona 5/8/2018


I received all animals with very good conditions!!! Thank you very much!!!

Thank you and best regards,

T.H., Japan 5/5/2019

Hi Steve,

I received your animals yesterday. All geckos are fine same as always! Thank you!!

J.H., Japan 5/3/2019

Hi Kendall,

We received our gecko this morning, and my daughter loves her!  She wanted me to ask you if you know her birthdate?  Thank you for your excellent service!!!

D.C., California 4/20/2019

Just wanted to let you know that we received our Hognose, who we now call Wyatt Earp, in great shape. He is acting very active during the daytime and is not showing any defensive behaviors. We are giving him time to relax from his journey and attempt to feed him today, Friday, or tomorrow. Thank you for this new addition to our family.

D.R., Texas 4/19/2019

Hi, I received Gecko, very happy, in quarantine and enjoying her peace and quiet. I look forward to doing business again.


J.R., Minnesota 4/10/2019

Thanks you for everything. You guys have been fantastic, the geckos arrived in great condition and we loved them. The WO Ghost is unreal in person. 

Thanks again!

A.E., Florida 4/10/2019

Hello to the team at Geckos Etc.,

I just wanted to thank you for your patience and for this beautiful snake. She arrived safely and is in great shape. Thanks again.


A.B., Canada 4/10/2019


The Mexican Black King Snake is adapted well and thriving! Thank you and very happy with the purchase.

Thank you!

J.Y., New York 4/9/2019

Hi, I thought you guys might like to know they both arrived safely and were immediately active and interested in exploring their new homes. Thank you!

L.C., Michigan 4/9/2019


The Geckos arrived perfectly and am excited to handle them more once they get acclimated to their new homes. I've referred multiple hobbyist to you after they've seen my stunning Fat-Tails. I was thinking of getting another group of geckos next month.

Thanks again,

M.R., Nevada 4/5/2019

Hi , The geckos arrived and are really good. 



S.N., South Korea 4/5/2019

Hi, my name is Erica and I recently purchased a 1 yr old Western Hognose from Geckos ETC. I had nothing but positive experiences with this company. I had my little guy shipped to Ohio and he was supposed to he on my doorstep at 1030 AM. I get a notification from Fed Ex that my package would arrive late. I was a little worried as it was a bit chilly in my area. I contacted Jasmine and she was super helpful, she tracked my package and assured me he would be OK, they shipped him with a heat pack. She contacted me a few more times that day until he finally arrived. Then about a week later I contacted Geckos ETC about him not wanting to eat. They helped me through the entire thing and gave great tips. I definitely recommend this company and I will do future business with them.

Thanks again,

E.S., Ohio 4/3/2019

She just arrived! She's even better than I was expecting and looks perfect. Thank you so much for such an easy and smooth transaction :) You've made a very happy customer!

E.B., 3/28/2019 Maryland

Just wanted to say thank you! They’re amazing and we will definitely be purchasing more in the future! 

N.N., Illinois 3/16/2019

She just arrived! Alive, calm, and super active! Thank you so much she is awesome! I will be doing more business with you in the future! Thanks again 😁   

G.R., California 3/15/2019

Hello Mr. Steve,

Now open cargo and take care geckos. Thank you so much!!! Perfect packing. Perfect animals. Thanks again.

H.K., Japan 3/15/2019

Hi Steve!

Your blizzard is already working at home. Very happy with him and this project. 🙂 He is very big and healthy!

Thanks so much.

P.M., Spain 3/11/2019

Just received her about 20 minutes ago and she is beautiful I’m very happy with her thanks.

A.E., California 3/7/2019

Dear Kendall and Jasmine,

Thank you for the great services. We received the geckos in perfect condition, they look better in person than the photos. Thank you again. Great service and great fattails, thank you.

K.S., Florida 3/7/2019

Hey there! 

I just wanted to let you know that the MBK snake arrived healthy. Thank you guys SO much! You're all amazing :)

Thank you,

K.C., Tennessee


Lizards arrived in great condition. I loved the geckos so much I want to buy 2 more if they are available. ________ female and __________. Let me know if I can purchase them. Thanks!

M.R., Nevada 3/2/2019

Thanks Kendall, the ladies arrived safely first thing this morning and look great! It was a pleasure.


T.C., Louisiana 2/21/2019

I received HYHM103 today and he is awesome!  You had him listed as 98 grams when you posted him and he is now 208 grams when I got him today.  A beautiful snake!  I purchased an axanthic male from you a few months ago that is also doing great.  I will continue to purchase my hognose from you and will recommend Geckos Etc. to anyone looking for reptiles.

Thank you,

S.W., Arizona 2/21/2019

My Angramainyu female arrived and she looks AMAZING, thank you!!!

A.M., Pennsylvania 2/14/2019


The gecko arrived safely. Before I put him in the tub I waited about 20 minuets for him to adjust to the room temperature. I put some mealworms in their don’t expect him to eat it but just put it in their if he was hungry. He was in full shed when I received him, 40 minutes later all it was off, that is excellent. He is a beautiful gecko, looks super healthy, and is well fed. Thank you for the gecko. 

Thanks Kendall.

E.L., California 2/7/2019

I just wanted to say that the service and quality was superb, everything is great and I recommend anybody interested in MBK should check out @geckosetc.com and thank y’all again!

F.A., Texas 2/5/2019

Hi Steve,

I received the gecko today. She is amazing! Thank you so much!

Best regards,

K.Y., Japan 1/21/2019

The diablo blanco giant (now named “Wyoming”) made it safe and sound on Saturday! He’s doing well, he has a nice bioactive enclosure with all the necessities, and he is very docile and friendly. He’s been happily exploring anywhere I set him down, and naps otherwise. Thank you again for all your assistance, and if I ever decide to get him a girlfriend I’m sure I’ll be emailing you again!

A.B., Texas 1/13/2019

Hi Steve,

I have returned from airport and checked your animals. They are all very good conditions and so beautiful as usual. That's great! Thank you very much!

J.H., Japan 1/12/2019

Received him:) Thank you! He’s perfect!  Very happy with ordering from you. Will continue for any future buys and spread the word ;)

C.S., North Carolina 1/3/2019


Just thought I would let you guys know the snake arrived safe and sound! He's a gorgeous specimen and I appreciate it!

Thanks a bunch,

O.L., Wyoming 12/11/2018

Got the geckos. Really great animals.


E.W., California 12/11/2018

Hi Jasmine,

Just received him.  Anyway, very cool.  Really tame taking him out (first time holding our own snake).  We both held him for about a minute each then we put him in his cage.  He did hiss once or twice and fake struck at me once when I was putting the screen top back on.

So he's on his own now for a few days to calm down.  BTW, my wife already asked about when we're getting another one!  Lol.  We'll keep an eye out for any new ones you might put up on the site. 

I'm sure I'll have future questions for you.  Thank you for all your help, advice and support.  

P.G., Alabama 11/28/2018

Hi Steve,

I received my order at today, All animals are safe arrived. I like your male red albino conda, he is very beautiful.  

Thanks again.

J.H., Taiwan 11/17/2018

Hi Steve!

I received shipment yesterday night.

All animals are very good condition!!!
Thank you always!!

M.N., Japan 11/16/2018

Thank you so much for the excellent customer service with my previous purchases, as well as this purchase! Super happy customer :)! 

J.W., Vermont 11/16/2018

The geckos just arrived and look awesome!!! I will let you know how they are doing once I give them a chance to settle in and be observed a little more. Thank You!

J.S., California 11/1/2018


Thank you for the shipment today. It was really good as always.

E.O., Japan 10/31/2018


I just wanted to give an update that the gecko is home safe and sound! Excellent job on the packaging, she looks absolutely stunning! Beautiful colors and she’s already exploring her new home :) 

Thank you so much, 

P.S., New Mexico 10/24/2018

We have LOVED our gecko! She has been so gentle and great with the kids. My son handles her every day and they are like best buds. We are thinking of getting another one because the other kids love her so much. And we trust your gecko breeding because she’s been so great. We got her at the San Diego reptile show. 

We also love that she’s two years old because she is a lot tamer. Do you happen to have an older adult that needs a home? ;) 


A, California 10/20/2018

Hi Jasmine,

I just wanted to let you know GGDM5307 (AKA Ozzy) made it here safe and sound. He is absolutely gorgeous and so worth every penny!!!  Our leopard gecko (Sassy) of 8 years, passed away 6 months ago, so we were hoping to fill the missing space in our hearts. We love him so much already!  Thank you!!!   ❤❤❤

M.W., Florida 9/8/2018

Can you pass a message on to Steve, honestly I was awestruck for like five minutes. Pictures do that morph no justice, just insane! Very pleased, with the animal and customer service, so thank you very much!  Just Stoked!

Very Pleased Customer,

K.B., Florida 8/28/2018

Dear Steve.


Thank you very much for the shipment today. It was perfect , and Excellent. And I wish to give you next order very soon. Thank you today!

Best Regards,

E.O., Japan 8/25/2018

Hi Steve,

I've received the shipment. All animals are very good conditions same as always. Thanks!


J.H., 8/25/2018

Just received my order about half an hour ago! I am so pleased with it, they are both beautiful, and I am sure they will produce beautiful babies for me! I thank you so much for working with me and trust me when I say I will be purchasing more VERY soon! :)

D.M., West Virginia 8/22/2018

I received the leopard gecko they are beautiful 😊 thank you.

Y.S., California 8/14/2018

HI Jasmine and everyone and Steve!

The new geckos I purchased from you are wonderful!!! The Granite snow has a really sweet disposition. The Son of Godzilla is simply amazing.  I could go on and on .  They are all super!!!  Thank you for all your hard work and dedication... all of you.  ty.  


J.G., Ohio 8/5/2018

He arrived in perfect shape. And he is phenomenal! Great color - and he’s getting ready to shed, unless I miss my guess - and so huge!! I mean, I knew he was a supergiant, but I don’t think I was really prepared for just how large he was going to be. 

Love, love, love this guy!!

E.H., Michigan 8/2/2018

The gecko arrived safe and sound this morning! He leapt right out of the container, very full of energy. I've got him all set up in his new home, thank you so much, I couldn't be happier, I'll definitely be back for more geckos and soon

M.A., Colorado 7/31/2018

I just wanted to let you know that the gecko arrived safety. She’s beautiful and cranky and I adore her. Thank you again for all your help!!

L.N., Maryland 7/31/2018

The gecko has arrived alive and healthy. He has exceeded all expectations! 

Thanks again!! 

D.A., Florida 7/31/2018

He arrived happy and healthy, thanks so much! He’s even better in person. (: 

D.A., Oregon 7/31/2018

Just received my snakes, the cold pack was still cool and they were all moving around fine. They all seem to be healthy and doing well, being active in the new enclosures I have placed them in. Looking forward to seeing how they do for the next few weeks. You have been very helpful throughout the process of ordering them and receiving them. I thank you kindly for your participation in bringing new snakes into my collection.

Thank you

M.D., North Carolina 7/14/2018

just received your parcel!!! Thank you very much!!! All perfect condition!

T.N., Taiwan 6/29/2018

Absolutely Stunning Animals! They arrived at 11:40am. The female wasnt too pleased but they are both very healthy! That male is absolutely huge.

G.M., Idaho 6/21/2018

My gecko arrived alive and healthy ! its very tame and is already exploring its new enclosure,  thanks :)

J.E., Michigan 6/19/2018

Hi Steve.

I  have recieved shipment.

No DOA.Thank you for your perfect job!

See you.

Best Rgds,

T.S., Japan 6/15/2018

I wanted to let you know the geckos arrived and look great. Thanks so much for this opportunity to purchase them. 

L.N., Maryland 6/12/2018

Hi Steve,

I have received your shipment and checked all animals. They are all very good condition and I am glad to deal with you this time as well.

Thank you very much!

Best regards,

J.H., Japan 6/7/2018

Awesome thank you so much! WOW. They just got here and all I can say is WOW. Both are absolutely STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love them!!! That male is massive!

K.W., Utah 5/24/2018

Just picked her up, and she looks great! Thanks again for another great beautiful snake :)

R.D., New Mexico 5/15/2018

Wow,she is gorgeous. Thanks so much,always a pleasure to receive such awesome animals, looking forward to ordering again.


G.O., Kansas 5/10/2018

Man oh man! Geckos Etc. does not disappoint ! I recently received 2 separate orders from Steve & Debra. Some amazing Bandits and Bold Stripe Bells that I wanted to add to the collection . Steve’s geckos look great in the photos, but that’s nothing compared to how they look in hand! They’re all robust, obviously healthy animals with amazing color! I can’t wait to see what they produce!

Shipping was also swift. Just say when and they’re there. I really appreciate that! Big thanks to Jasmine too! You were a great help!

R.G., Tennessee 5/3/2018

Jasmine I received both geckos to today in excellent health. I can not thank for all the help gave and work you did to find two geckos!!

Thank you again,

D.C., Texas, 5/3/2018


I just received my red western hognose. Thank you very much! He is super loved and doing well. Definitely already thinking about purchasing a second one once I get more familiar. You guys did an awesome job! 

J.E., 5/1/2018


I received the snake and she's awfully pretty and healthy. Thank you, and if I ever decide to get another snake or gecko I'll definitely go with you guys. Thanks so much.

M.G., Ohio 4/25/2018

Received my new beautiful female this morning, thank you so much she is awesome! A little crabby after her flight but already warm with a drink and a snack.

Thank you guys again and I'll be ordering again soon.


G.O., Kansas 4/18/2018


Wanted to let you know the little guy arrived alive and well. He is now adjusting to his new surrounding and warming up. He is beautiful, thank you so much!

M.P., Michigan 4/18/2018

Hi Steve,

I received shipment and came back home now. No DOA and perfect health condition!


T.S., Japan 4/6/2018


We've received him safe and sound. He's beautiful. We really appreciate it.  God bless you. 

T.H., Alaska 4/5/2018


All the animals I got from you guys are doing great! Eating, fat and happy and even some breeding happening.


M.S., Ohio 4/5/2018

Hi Steve,

I have receive the shipment and checked condition. All animals are good conditions and I am appreciating that you send so great quality animals everytime!

Thank you very much!

J.H., Japan 4/1/2018

Thank you. She arrived this morning and is amazing!


R.C., New Jersey 3/29/2017

Just received these guys, they are amazing.  Just wanted to thank you so much for your time and patience. You will defintely hear from me soon.


N.R., New York 3/28/2018


Just wanted to let you know he's arrived and in good shape, just relaxing in his new setup at the moment in his warm hide. Thanks again for everything I will definitely be using you guys in the future!! Will update at a later time when he's more settled in.

Warmest regards,

B.E., North Carolina 3/20/2018

Hi Jasmine! 

I received my Leopard Gecko and just finished putting him away. He looks fantastic! I waited years to get a bandit with the look that I was after. He's perfect! 

Thanks so much!

R.G., Tennessee 3/20/2018

Dear Steve.

Thank you so much for all dealing with you. Geckoes are all perfect. Your quality is the best for us.

Thanks again.

Best Regards,

K., Japan 3/11/2018

Hi Mr. Steve,

I received the package safely. Special Thank you very much.

Thank you for sending me a very good gecko. I would like to continue do business with in the future.


T.M., Japan 3/11/2018

Hi Jasmine, she is here safe and settling in :) 

Her color is amazing she is so beautiful! Thank you again, im excited to recevie some more geckos in the future. 

Have a great day,

M.M., California 3/8/2018

Hi,  I received him today at 12:01 pm. You guys are amazing!  I’m very happy. I will be recommending you guys.

A.L., California 2/28/2018


I just picked him up and he looks great! Very tame and relaxed. Thank you so much for your help, I look forward to doing more business with you.

R.D., New Mexico 2/27/2018

I got him he's beautiful. Thank you, I'm very pleased.

M.D.,California 2/22/2018

Just another update on Lizard, he's settling in well! He loves his hot hide and last night he came to the door and pulled himself up to peek out over the edge and licked my finger. Today he chomped down a cricket. I love him so much. Thank you for breeding and raising such a quality animal! I was nervous about having an animal shipped but everything is perfect and I won't hesitate to order from you again! 

J.B., Minnesota 2/19/2018

I got them this morning and all are healthy and beautiful! Thank you soooooo much. Thank you for producing amazing animals!

J.H., Alabama 2/14/2018

Hello Mr Steve!!

I received good geckos!!! All are very good conditions and so beautiful!!

T.H., Japan 2/12/2018 

Dear Steve.


Thank you very much for the shipment today. It was really nice as always. Perfect!! Hope I can order for another shipment soon.

Thank you today!!

Best Regards,

E.O., Japan 2/10/2018

Hi Jasmine,

Just e-mailing you to let you know that the geckos arrived safely and are absolutely beautiful.

Thank you once again!


R.R., New Jersey 2/8/2018

Hello Geckos Etc.,

Letting you know everyone arrived safe and sound. They are beautiful and seem very healthy. Thanks so much for your time and care in raising them.

Thanks again,

D.M., Georgia 2/6/2018

Hi Jasmine,

My gecko arrived safe and sound! She is stressed out from the journey but otherwise looking beautiful!


S.S., New York 2/6/2018


I got your parcel!!! Incredible geckos!!! Thank you sooooo much!!!

Best regards,

T.N., Taiwan 2/3/2018

The male I got from u guys is doing awesome!! Thanks again for everything you guys are great.

S.L., Pennsylvania 1/19/2018


I want to let you guys know that the gecko is gorgeous and I love her.

K.D, Florida 1/11/2018

Hi Jasmine, 

Just wanted to let you know the big boy arrived safe and sound, heat packs still toasty. He is bright and alert and exploring his new enclosure.

Thanks again, he's beautiful!

M.K., New York, 1/11/2018


I received my gecko and so far am overjoyed with her. 

D.M., California 12/20/2017

Good morning!

We received our fat-tailed gecko yesterday morning and she was in wonderful condition. My ten year old son named her Shirley and he is in love with her. She has become much more lively and has started to explore her new home. Thank you for making my son's Christmas this year.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

L.B., Indiana 12/20/2017

Hey there. She made it safe and sound and is beautiful and perfect! Thanks you soooo much 

M.F., Arizona 12/19/2017

I got her! 😁 She's beautiful and seems to be adjusting okay. Her roommates seem to like her as they wanted to snuggle around her. Thanks again!

L.K., Oregon 12/19/2017

I received FRWF6609 she is definitely healthy. 

Thank you,

J.M., Washington 12/19/2017

Hi Jasmine,

I received my geckos yesterday and I am really happy with them.

J.B., United Kingdom 12/11/2017

I received the animals in good health, thanks again! They are perfect!


T.N., Netherlands 12/10/2017

I picked them up a couple hours ago and they are settling in safe and sound. They look amazing! Thanks again.

T.J., California 11/8/2017

Good morning,

I did receive them and they are great! I am so beyond happy with my order and I may just order from you again in the future! Thank you so much!

J.W., Vermont 10/25/2017

I received my gecko nice and healthy!  Thank you and Steve again!!

B.M., Kansas 10/17/2017

Hi Steve,

I have received your animals. All animals are great condition and I am really satisfied with your great quality!

Thank you very much.

Best regards,

J.H., Japan 10/12/2017

Dear Steve,

Hello, thank you for the shipment today. It was in very good conditions as always. Thank you very much.

Hope to deal with you again soon.

Best Regards,

E.O., Japan 10/12/2017

Hey, I recieved my gecko and couldn't be happier! Is a beautiful and big boy! Thank you so much, and thanks for providing the hatch date as well!

J.D., Minnesota 9/27/2017


We have received the three geckos yesterday, they look great! Just have to wait theim to begin eating and be fully safe :))

Thank you very much and it's was a real pleasure to deal with you this time again.

Best regards,

O.D., France 9/15/2017

Hi Steve,

I have received shipment. Perfect work. No DOA.

Thanks for good biz.

Best Regards,

T., Japan 9/15/2017

Hey Jasmine,

Sorry for the late reply, but he is GORGEOUS!!!! I'll never purchase from another retailer for leopard geckos. You guys are the best! He's freaking HUGE and already eating the third day! My girls are stunning as well. It's a and pleasure doing business with you. You're true professionals and the market will fluctuate, but I hope you continue to breed geckos!!!!

W.C., Ohio 9/7/2017

Thanks so much! Snowy is so cute! At first, we were skeptical of shipping an animal, but he was shipped in a nice large deli cup and was happy to hop into his cage. The customer service was great, and I would 100% recommend this site. Thanks again!

K.S., Delaware 9/7/2017

I have just received your geckos! They are really fantastic! Thank you so much!!!

Best regards,

T.N., Taiwan 9/7/2017

Hi Steve,

I received your shipment. All your animals are very good conditions and great!! Thank you very much!!

J.H., Japan 8/17/2017

Received our western hognose snake yesterday. He is Great! He adjusted very quickly to his new home. Couldn't be happier! Thank you so much for the wonderful customer service. Would definitely recommend and buy from you again.

Thank you,

J.R., Wisconsin 8/16/2017


I just got him and he's so beautiful!!! I'm going to give him a bit to get adjusted to his new home but I'm so excited thank y'all so much!!!  Have a great day.

Thank you for all your help,

A.C., Texas 8/8/2017

Dear Steve,

Hello, thank you very much for your shipment today.

Nice as always.............

Perfect as always...........

E.O., Japan 7/29/2017

Hi Steve,

The shipment safely arrived Hongkong last night, everything is great.


W.W., 7/16/2017


I received the shipment today & all is well and arrived safely. This male is what I wanted (needed).


J.B., Utah 7/12/2017


Just received the geckos and finished unpacking them. They are all healthy and look good! Thank you all so much!

I definitely will be buying again (:

Z.D., New York 7/6/2017

Hi. I just wanted to let you know that all 3 just arrived perfect. Thanks so much.

D.S., 7/6/2017

She arrived safe and sound! Thank you once again!

L.M., Massachusetts 6/29/2017

Hi Steve,

I received shipment. No DOA. Perfect job! Thank you very much! I'll order again.

Best Rgds.

T.S., Japan 6/16/2017

Hi guys, just to let you know I received my super giant today. Goes without saying I'm extremely happy with him and look forward to the next time I order with you guys. Excellent service by Jasmine and Steve too. Thank you guys 👍

C.H., United Kingdom 6/15/2017

Yay she arrived and is beautiful. Thank you so much for helping me get her.

C.H., Missouri 6/13/2017

Hey, I just wanted to email and let you know that I did receive her this morning and she is absolutely gorgeous. Yyou guys have been fantastic and I am definitely very happy with my leopard gecko.

J.U., Florida 6/13/2017

Hi Steve,

I have received your shipment. All animals are very good conditions and great qualities! Thank you very much!

Best regards,

J.H., Japan 6/8/2017


Just letting you know that I got my gecko! She's perfect! Thank you so much!

M.M. Kentucky 6/7/2017

Our new leopard gecko (now named Radar) arrived safe and sound on the 16th. We both love her, she's very cute! While she hasn't gotten the hang of us quite yet, she's in great shape and way chubbier than the pictures showed. Love it. While we did have a very minor issue, Jasmine was a great help and very quick to respond, which we're both extremely grateful for. This is our second gecko from your site; the fat tailed gecko we ordered a few years ago is doing wonderfully, so we hope Radar will do the same.

Thanks so much! Hopefully in the future we get the chance to order an animal from your site again!

L.B. and JD C., New Hampshire

Hi, Jasmine!

Just wanted to give you a little update on the new guy we got last Tuesday. He's already eating like a champ and had a perfect shed on Sunday. I still haven't gotten over how gorgeous and huge he is! In the short week and a half he's been with us, it's clear he has a ton of personality and is super sweet. Thanks for all of your help as always, and thank you so much for this perfect gecko!

B.I., Alabama 5/12/2017

Thank you very much Geckos Etc for the wonderful extreme red western hognose, better known as “Harley Davidson” now. Even though the package did not arrive at the expected time, he was safe and sound! Of course, he was not happy that he was shut up into that box, so he came out hissing and pouting. But he seems to be settling in to his new home well. Haha! His colors are far more vibrant than I was expecting them to be and he’s as healthy as can be. I love him very much and thank you for bearing with me as I figured out my ridiculously complicated schedule. You guys are the best and I’ll definitely visit you guys first when I plan on getting another reptile!

C.D., Deleware 5/6/2017

Thank you for everything. He arrived today, he's gorgeous, even prettier in person.


K.D., Florida 5/3/2017

The geckos arrived and look fantastic. That normal male is HUGE! 

A.K., Vermont 4/25/2017


Just wanted to let you guys know that he arrived safe and sound, though a bit traumatized by his world ending (from his view point) journey to the great northern reaches...aka...Michigan.  He hissed at me once then decided to start his explorations for his new 10 gallon home.  All in all, a good day for us both, but perhaps me just a bit more than him.  He's ADORABLE!  I can't tell you how excited I am by his arrival and am looking forward to many years with the him with the family.  We decided to name him Hermes, although my oldest daughter has nicknamed him Fudge. Thank you so much for this!  We love him and are very happy to have him join our family.


J.Z., Michigan 4/20/2017

Hey Jasmine!

Animals just arrived! They look great! Thanks for all your help and patience!  

J.L., Ohio 4/18/2017

Hello Geckos Etc!

I purchased 2 lovely girls from y'all in late September of last year. Their IDs are: GGDF2896 now known as the sweetheart Milly and GGDF3835 who's known as the psycho child Tilly. They're doing wonderful and have grown so much since I got them. It's been a wonderful blessing to have these girls in my life since I lost my first gecko Mooshu. 

Thank you all so much,

R.Z., New York 4/13/2017

Hi Steve,

I have received your shipment yesterday. All animals are great conditions! Thank you very much!

J.H., Japan 4/1/2017

Whoa! He came in today and he is PERFECT! We love him already! He's really healthy and he has a ton of personality! Thank you guys SO MUCH! I am very impressed! The male you sent me is beyond what I was expecting!

Thank you again, so very much,

P.C., Texas 3/30/2017

Hi Mr Steve!!

I received great geckos and return back my office. Thank you very much to send beautiful geckos!!! All of my staff are glad to meet them!!! I will sale soon for my customers and I will order again !!!! 

Thank you and best regards.

T.H., Japan 3/30/2017

You guys are amazing. Got my red Stripe and he is big at 100 grams and beautiful. I was so happy with my order and that I've already ordered a red Stripe female for a breeding project. She will be here tomorrow. I was so excited about getting her I thought I messed up and ordered the wrong Leo lol. Customer support is on another level and stuck with me till I figured out that I'd had the right one ordered the whole time.

J.H., Missouri 3/27/2017

Just wanted to let you know that they arrived safely and look amazing. Thanks again :)


T.C., Louisiana 3/23/2017

The geckos arrived well, they're doing great, thank you.

J.C., California 3/17/2017


I got the leo in this morning. Thank you he looks great! Seems very active and comfortable already.

Thank you!

K.M., 3/14/2017

Hi Steve,

I've received the box and all fine. Thank you for everything. I appreciate all of your great job.

I hope we will have business soon again.

T.I., Japan 3/11/2017

He's here and in perfect condition. Thanks so much for everything! I'm sure I'll be doing business with you guys again. 

Thanks again,

S.L. Texas 3/8/2017

Got the geckos! They're all amazing and healthy as usual. Thank you!

A.M. Pennsylvania 3/8/2017

Hey, got them safe and sound. What are you feeding these things!!!!!!!!! The male is a beast.

Thank you for everything.

L.N., Ohio 3/8/2017


Just wanted to let you know that I received my geckos safely, and they are absolutely gorgeous! Even after seeing photos online of just how beautiful they are, I was still completely amazed when I opened them up. 10/10 quality!

I cannot wait to do further business with you, thank you so much for all that you've done.

Thank you,

T.W., Ohio 3/8/2017


I have received the gecko in good health and thanks for all you have done.

J.B., Utah 3/2/2017

They arrived a while ago and they look amazing! Thanks so much.  

V.K., Illinois 2/23/2017

Hello Jasmine!

I am happy and excited to say that my little girl arrived safely this morning, and I am so happy with her and her mellow disposition. She is everything I could have asked for! Thank you so much, and I will send picture of her in her new home later!

Thank you again!

K.C., Oregon 2/22/2017


Just received him, looks great!!! Such a big guy, he's got some lucky ladies waiting for him after he settles for a week or two! Thank you so much, couldn't be happier!

I.J., Wyoming 2/21/2017

Hi Steve,

I have received your shipment a little while ago. We have checked your shipment. All your animals are excellent condition and excellent qualitiy! Thank you very much!

Best regards,

J.H., Japan 2/18/2017

Hi Steve!

Thank you for the shipment. I received today.

All animals were very good condition and very good quality!!! Perfect!!

My customers and I am very very glad! I appreciate your work. Thank you always!! I am looking forward to the next business!!!

Best Regards,

M.N. Japan 2/18/2017

She just got here about 20 minutes ago! She's already in her new home and appears to have gone to sleep (can't blame her, I'm sure she's tired!) She's even more beautiful than her picture and looks to be in great health. Thank you so much!

B.H., Alabama 2/16/2017

My beautiful boy made it safely to Idaho!!! He is healthy, chubby and sooooooo Sweet! Many many thank you's,

J.R., Idaho 2/15/2017


I just received the Geckos as scheduled both alive and healthy. Very pleased with both Geckos and thanks for working with me to obtain what I wanted. Steve and your group there at your facility are a pleasure to work with.


J.B., Utah 2/15/2017


I received the Lemon Frost and my roommate signed for her, I am just about to get off work, everything looked fine in the picture he sent me, I will be home shortly to double check! Thank you for the great customer service and such a beautiful animal!!

I.J., Wyoming 2/9/2017

Hey Jasmine,

The girl arrived in great shape, and looks amazing considering she just spent the last 24 hours in a box.  Thanks so much.

J.M., California 2/8/2017

Hello, I got them all safe and sound this morning around 11 am! Thank you so much they are beautiful!


L.M., Massachusetts 2/2/2017

Thank you so much for your quality geckos and your quality customer service. Love the geckos and will be buying from you again soon! :)

A.T., California 2/1/2017

My gecko arrived safely! She's gorgeous!

Thanks again!

H.B., Mississippi 2/1/2017


I am very glad I decided to get my w&y eclipse enigma gecko, Lilly from you. She has gone from the 55g she was listed at to a good 67g to date.

She has her enigma quarks, is a bit ticklish, very sweet and easy to handle. All in all she is an amazing gecko. I look forward to the next time I get the chance to get another gecko from Geckos Etc. Dreaming of little lemon frost or giant myself. Would be interesting to see what one of your red spotted enigmas would look like with lemon frost in the mix.


M.J., Canada 1/30/2017

Thank you! The geckos are healthy and beautiful! It was a pleasure doing business with you and thank Aaron for the safe delivery and helpful tips. I'm sure I will purchase more from you guys in the future. 

M.S., California 1/27/2017

Hi Jasmine. 

We just received the gecko. Healthy and feisty! :)

Now THAT is a gecko!!!! Whao. Way to go guys!! Thank you!

A.C., California 1/19/2017


I just got finished unpacking all of the geckos. They all look great and healthy!

You have been a huge help throughout this process. I cannot thank you enough.

Z.D., New York 1/19/2017


And thank you! We got him!

Thanks! Once again he is wonderful! :)

V.H., Virginia 1/19/2017

The geckos are here and huge. I can't believe the male isn't full grown and no craziness from the enigma unless you count her being extremely pissed off. I'm very satisfied with my purchase thank you.

J.M., Washington 1/5/2017

Just wanted to let you know that she made it here safe and sound today. She is absolutely gorgeous, i cant thank you enough.

M.L., New York 1/4/2017

Hi Steve ,

All geckos are safe arrived!! I really very very like your geckos, lemon frost patty especially!!

Happy new year!!

J.H., Taiwan 12/31/2016

They both arrived at 9am this morning and they both look beautiful and healthy! 

G.R., South Carolina 12/29/2016

Dear Steve.

Hello, Thank you very much for the shipment today!! It was so nice as always. Perfect!

Thank you!!

Best Regards,

E.O. Japan 12/16/2016

Hi Steve,

I returned from airport and I received your shipment. All animals that you sent are very good condition. Thank you so much!

J.H., Japan 12/16/2016

I just received my new eclipse het radar leopard gecko today! I was speechless! Absolutely LOVE him! I named him Thor. He arrived safe and sound. Love you guys business, your all doing an awesome job! Very very very impressed with how beautiful, happy and healthy my gecko is! I look forward to doing future business with you! Thanks again so much!

Jared, Brady and Thor, Pennsylvania 12/13/2016


I've received a Rainbow, she looks awesome. Thank you very much. I'm pretty sure that we do business again :)

Kind Regards,

B.F., Croatia 12/11/2016

I thought you all would enjoy an update on my lizards. They're doing GREAT! Millie (the white one) is a pretty chill little lady and Tillie (yellow one) is my wild child and enjoys running around and climbing in their tank. 

Thank you all!

Rose, Millie and Tillie, New York, 11/11/2016

Hi Steve,

I received all geckos and snakes today!! Thank you very very much!!! LOL Your geckos really really nice, Especially Lemon Frost, they are so beautiful and strong!!!! I am very like them!!

Thanks again!

J., Taiwan 10/27/2016

Good morning,

I received my Rainwater early this morning. Arrived very happy and healthy.

Again awesome animal and service! Thank you!

P.R., Illinois 10/11/2016


He arrived safe and sound this morning. He is absolutely stunning and is everything I could ask for and more!

Thank you,

M.A., Michigan 10/6/2016

Just received the gecko yesterday, he looks great!

M.M., Texas 10/5/2016

Hi, Jasmine

I received the geckos today, and couldn't be happier. I look forward to doing business with you guys in the future. Thank you

J.F. Florida 10/4/2016


I received the shpment! Thank you very much!! They are very beautiful and healthy.

Thank you and best regards.

T.H., Japan 9/30/2016

My kids and I are newbies to the leopard gecko world. We recently studied Steve's site and his amazing Godzilla family. When we saw them at the reptile show it was like meeting a celebrity! Everyone was so patient with all of our questions it was amazing. We adopted two beautiful new girls to our family and our currently waiting to adopt a couple more. These geckos are so healthy and friendly I would recommend them to anyone who is a reptile lover. Thank you guys for sharing and creating such amazing new morphs, you have inherited loyal customers for life!!

S.W., California 9/29/2016

My girls are here! And they're doing fine! They came scrambling out of the dishes with lots of energy.

Thank you all so so much!

R.Z., New York 9/27/2016

I just wanted to let you know she arrived, and the neighbor said she looks great! Thank you again so much!

A.Y., Indiana 9/27/2016

He arrived safe and sound! He looks great!

Thanks for a wonderful experience.

B.B., New Jersey 9/22/2016

Hey Jasmine,

The Eclipse just arrived and is perfect. He looks even better than I had expected. Thank you for yet another wonderful transaction.

B.H., 9/22/2016

Hi Steve, 

The milii and wheeleri arrived promptly today and they look wonderful! I just wanted to email and say thank you very much again for the charity for Joe's family and thank you for the wonderful geckos. Very much appreciated :]

P.L., Colorado 9/22/2016


I received the geckos yesterday a little after 2pm, got them all out into their tubs. They look great! I love them all and I am so happy with this order! Thank you so much for the great animals and the great business.


I.J., Wyoming 9/2/2016

I got her! She's gorgeous : ) Thank you so much! 

C.T., California 8/31/2016

We got her! I love her! Thank you so much. She likes the new house

L.D., Missouri 8/31/2016


I picked up the geckos today. They look great. Thanks a bunch!

J.U., Florida 8/30/2016

Hello GeckosEtc,

She arrived right on time and I couldn't be more impressed. The enigma morph will be a first to work with but I'm sure she'll be quite comfortable here. Her colors are absolutely gorgeous!!

T.E., Pennsylvania 8/25/2016


Thank you for the very healthy Gecko. She is beautiful! She arrived on time and happy.

Thanks again,

B.F., Illinois 8/16/2016


The gecko i got from you guys is awesome! The afganicus leopard gecko is active and ate today. You guys were extremely friendly. I'm buying from you guys again!

D.N., Florida 8/14/2016

Hello Jasmine,

All four geckos arrived as described, and obviously healthy!

M.S., Illinois 8/11/2016

I got my order and I am very happy with it . Thank you!

T.H., California 8/3/2016

Hi Steve,

We are received animals which you sent. We would reorder again! All animal has good health!! sooooooooo great animals you sent me!!! We had satisfied.Thank you sooo much!!!

N.T., Japan 7/23/2016

Hi Mr Steve!! 

I am very sorry for late to reply! I received your great geckos with good health! Many many thanks!! I must to order in next time!!! 

Thank you and best regards. 

T.H., Japan 7/21/2016

Hi Jasmine, 

Just wanted to let you know the geckos arrived safe & sound!

Thanks again! 


T.M., Florida 7/12/2016

Hey Guys,

I received my girl safe and sound, and she is beautiful...

Thanks again guys,

K.D., Massachusetts 6/14/2016

This is D.S. again. I was the one who purchased your male creamsicle and a couple of your high yellow females, and I absolutely adore them! They are a great addition to my family and are as healthy as could be. I thank you so much for my new friends :)

I would like to place three more geckos on a seven-day hold. I'm working on two eclipse projects, so they will be the ones who will get said projects going. If there are any issues with this, please let me know!

Thank you again, and I'm excited to eventually get these new three since I was so impressed with the first shipment of geckos.

D.S., Colorado 6/11/2016

Leopard Gecko ENF9072 came in on Thursfay and she's doing excellent! Thank you for taking such great care of your geckos! 

K.A., California 6/11/2016


I just got the geckos home and setting them up. They both look great and appear to be fine. I appreciate how helpful and patient you have been with me. I look forward to future transactions.


J.T., Florida 6/9/2016

Thank you, we love the geckos. They are beyond awesome and way above our expectations! 

P.E., Colorado 6/8/2016

Hi Steve,

I just wanted to tell you that everything went well with the pickup. The two girls are beautiful and made save home. Thank you for everything. :)

Best regards,

K.S., Germany 6/5/2016

I would just like to thank this wonderful staff for helping me with my questions about my gecko, she is very happy and has been eating well! She is a spoiled and very loved lizard. She was gecko number SSF6248.

Thank you so much for your wonderful reptile service!


R.D., California 6/4/2016

Hey folks, they arrived! Looking good, as I expected they would. Thank you for a nice and simple experience!

K.G., Washington 5/17/2016

Hey Jasmine,

Just wanted to let you know that the gecko got her safe and sound. He looks great, thanks again!

M.R., California 5/17/2016


Just wanted to let you know the two gecko arrived safe and sound and I am very happy with them. I printed out the care guide and will read it all over well. If I have any questions I will be in touch. Thanks so much.

S.S., Illinois 5/4/2016

Hi, I ordered a blizzard leopard gecko a while back around Christmas time and I have so good news. She is doing great and I am very happy I purchased her. And just a little bit ago I got another gecko, a hypo tangerine carrot tail. And this morning I found eggs in the box that I put in there just in case she was going to lay eggs. And she did. 

J.D., Indiana 4/30/2016

We just made a rather larger purchase for Magnum Geckos from Steve and Debra Sykes (and of course all their wonderful staff!) - this order was in such a busy time for them....that Jasmine and staff really put in a lot of excellent work to make sure everything was perfect! and sent out next day! I don't even know how they did that it was so perfect!!!! and we wanted to shout out what great geckos we got for our new additions! We received 1.4 group! You always pay for what you get with Geckos Etc and that is a huge bonus!!!!.Stunning! Perfect packaging, great customer service even when they were in a very busy situation with zero issues! All the geckos arrived safely, are settling in from the trip and are exploring their new enclosure together without any issues! All get along etc. Could not say better things again, we've been repeat customers for a reason, about Geckos Etc.!! #1 in our book!

#‎qualityoverQuantity‬‪#‎AplusCustomerService‬ ‪#‎APlusGeckos‬ ‪#‎BestGeckoBreeder‬ 

Do not hesitate to purchase for anyone that sees this!

K.M., California 4/15/2018

She has arrived safely 💓 Thank you for the easy and smooth transaction! She's gorgeous

Happy to have done business with you :)

J.O., California 4/14/2016

I received the geckos they are absolutely stunning I am more than happy thank you again Steve!

N.L., Canada 4/13/2016


B.B., New York 4/7/2016

She arrived safely and perfectly on time! Thanks so much she's doing great and looks even better in person, already in love! 

Thanks again! 

C.J., New York 3/26/2016

The geckos are amazing and are doing great.

Thank you,

S.K., Illinois 3/24/2016

I just got the animals, thank you! They're all wonderful as always.

A.M., Pennsylvania 3/23/2016


My daughter got her geckos and they look great.

Thank you, 

C.S., Arizona 3/17/2016

Hi Jasmine,

I will let you know, Steve and the Geckos Etc. Team also....I'm totally happy with the Leopard Geckos. I'm looking forward for the next order in the future. 

Thank you all!

Best Regards,

M.L., Germany 3/15/2016


I just wanted to let you know the geckos arrived this morning, safe and sound. They're all gorgeous, & seem to be settling in well & catching up on their rest. Thank you so much for them! I look forward to seeing all your babies from this season too :)

S.C. and E.C., Ireland 3/13/2016


Once again, the gecko’s are awesome 

Really great. Thanks!

J.J., Netherlands 3/13/2016

Hi Jasmine,

Geckos got here just fine this morning. They look great. Very happy as always with my purchases with you.

C.S., New Jersey 2/24/2016

She got here safe and sound! She's prettier in person and is settling in well.  Thanks for all your help and in making this a smooth process.

Thanks again,

S.L., Oregon 2/23/2016


I would like to thank you and the entire GeckosEtc team for the help and our new male. He has adjusted well and is already eating like a beast.

Thanks Again,

T.M., California 2/23/2016

I got them all alive and safe, and I want to thank you for these beauties to add to my family.

Will definitely buy again 😄

J.P., Indiana 2/20/2016

I love the geckos you sent me, and I plan on doing more busness with you. I  like the quality of your geckos.

C.R., Utah 2/18/2016

She got here safely :) and she's even prettier in person!

J.W., New York 2/3/2016

I received the geckos today and they are looking great so far! 

N.S., Ohio 2/2/2016

They've arrived! Both are very nice, I love how big and healthy they are. 

A.M., Pennsylvania 2/2/2016

Hi! I just received her and she is beautiful!

R.B., Illinois 1/28/2016

Hi Jasmine,

Wanted to let you know the girls arrived and they look great. I wanted to let you know that they are amazing and we truly appreciate your customer service!!!


T.C., Louisiana 1/28/2016

Hi Jasmine!

I just received the geckos, both are alive and seem to be doing well! Thank you again for all your help throughout this process. 100% would order again!

Z.D., New York 1/27/2016

Hello Jasmine,

I just received my beautiful girls.  Thank you for all your help.  They look good.  Letting them warm up to room temperature and then will put them in their new homes.  

J.D., Idaho 1/21/2016

Hello Geckos Etc!

Its been a long time since my last purchase, and I'm happy to report that all the geckos I've purchased from you are doing wonderfully! Each has a great personality and I really do think they are quite happy! 

T.P., Washington 1/16/2016

Hi Steve,

I received your geckos. Your gecko is different than anything else.
It's Blavo!

Thank you!

T.K., Japan 1/15/2016

Everyone arrived safely this morning. I am impressed with all of them! Nice and healthy! Thank you! That leo is huge! lol

M.M., Georgia 1/13/2016

I received my order thank you so much he is amazing! 

D.L., Florida 1/12/2016

I'd like to thank you for my gecko! When I got the notification that he was delivered I left school and ran home. When I got there my heater in the front porch was on and when I opened the package he was sleeping and I opened the container and he got on my hand and started using my body heat. I put him in his enclosure. Put fresh super worms and water bowl along with calcium powder. He will be loved and cared for. Thank you again, have a good day. I will be buying again in the near future!

E.D., New Jersey 1/7/2016

They came in, thank you very much for the amazing animals!

I.Q., Florida 1/7/2016


I wanted to confirm that the male hognose has arrived and is looking great.  Thank you again.

P.B., North Carolina 1/5/2016


She arrived safe and sound! Her name is Nova now and she's settling into her new tank! She is so cute and even more beautiful in person! I can't believe her eyes and markings are so intense!

Thank you so much for such a beautiful girl!

S.Z., Florida 1/5/2016