We are Now Shipping to Canada
No Minimum Order and Minimal Shipping Costs!

We have partnered with a reptile distributor in Calgary, Canada to distribute our geckos and newts in Canada. We can now offer shipments to customers within Canada that will be delivered to your closest airport.

Here is how it works:  You can order any of the geckos or newts on our website to be shipped to Canada.  There is no minimum order, so you can order just one animal if you would like.  The cost to ship the animals from the US to Calgary is $25 per animal.  This cost covers the broker fee, import tax, etc.  If you live in or near Calgary you can pick up there and there are no other costs.  If you can't pick up in Calgary, we can ship to you from Calgary.  The animals would be shipped on Air Canada and you would need to pick up at your closest airport. The cost for this shipment varies depending on your distance from Calgary. We can fit at least 15 geckos in the box that would be shipped for a flat rate. Inquire for an estimate of the cost for shipping from Calgary to your closest airport.

Our same live arrival and 30 day health guarantees apply for geckos or snakes that are handled by our Canadian reptile distributor.